5 Reasons To Install A Free AI Demo App on Your Phone


The global AI market is estimated to grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025, as artificial intelligence is disrupting almost every industry. That’s a huge number.

I’d love to be part of the AI revolution as I imagine you would, but AI and computer vision are complex systems and understanding how it works seems pretty daunting.

Even though you’re probably aware of the potential, getting started can understandably feel impossible. You may be wondering, like I was, how does this all work? And is this really relevant to you and me? How can you train the AI to work for your benefit, and where can you apply it?

Engaging with a free AI demo will provide you with some of the answers. Below, we’ve listed five reasons to download and install one on your phone – and get more familiar with the technology of the future.

1 Gain a better understanding of AI

The business benefits of AI are immense, as it can help you optimize workflows, reduce errors, improve customer experience, and boost sales. 63% of businesses say that pressure to reduce costs alone will require them to start using AI, and global spending on AI is predicted to reach $57.6 billion in 2021. It’s safe to say AI is here to stay. But to fully leverage it, you need to understand it. An AI demo app demonstrates how AI works and make it tangible, helping you identify potential use cases in your business.

2 Experience computer vision firsthand

Computer vision is a field within AI that focuses on visual data. If AI is the “human brain” of the computer, computer vision represents “the human eyes.” Computer vision involves developing a theoretical and algorithmic basis to enable automatic extraction, analysis, and understanding of the information in images and videos. When you download the AI demo app, you will get to see computer vision in action. When footage from your phone streams from the AI app to the server in the AI demo, Chooch applies image recognition and sends metadata to your phone. As it appears in the red tags in the AI app, you will start to see how all the dots connect.

3 Experiment with AI training on the app

You can teach you AI demo app new things and add your own tags to its system. Simply tap the train icon on your phone, choose what you are training and follow the steps. Once you’ve trained the app, you can then point your phone at an object, and it will trigger the perception you’ve have created with AI training. You can train the AI demo app to recognize anything, from animal species and designer brands to minuscule objects under a microscope. You upload the photo in the AI demo app, and it will tag your visual content according to what you’ve taught it.

4 Catch a glimpse of the future of apps

AI components are increasingly used in applications, and IDC forecasts that at least 75% of commercial enterprise apps will use AI by 2021. AI is improving all kinds of applications, from cameras tagging your vacation photos for findability to shopping apps understanding what you’re looking for and providing you with suggestions. Facial recognition technology in video apps can tell how you feel and monitor your health. Your car will notice if you’re stressed and driving carelessly. Facial authentication is making payments and transactions quicker and safer. AI is, simply put, the future of all apps. And the AI demo app will give you a taste of the endless possibilities that future holds in store.

5 Sneak a peek inside AI and computer vision

AI demos are made for image recognition, object recognition, and AI training. They allow you not only to experience computer vision but to see for yourself how it’s created. When you the AI Platform, you will see the more than 200,000 AI classes that we’ve created for the AI demos. All you need to do is sign up and then click on ‘perceptions’, and you will be able to see how the computer vision system works.

The Chooch AI demo app for Android and iPhone

IC2 is the free AI demo app from Chooch AI, available for Android and iPhone. It uses computer vision to tag objects in live video and still images, and you can use it to recognize things with your phone. If the hundreds of thousands of tags that already exist in the system are not enough, you can train the app to recognize and name new things.

I totally recommend this free AI demo, because it effectively showcases the AI platform’s speed and potential and will inspire you to improve your business with AI.


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