5 Reasons Your Business Should Use a Local Phone Number


New York City businesses can give their brand image a boost by securing a 212 phone number.

In the past, companies were limited to 800 and local exchange business numbers that match the origin of the business. Thanks to VoIP technology, however, any business can have a New York City number.

By setting up at 212 area code number for your business, you can boost your brand image and instill confidence in your customers in and around New York City.

The following are five reasons why you should use a local number for your business.

  1. A Local Number Offers More Flexibility Than You Might Think

Even if you move your offices outside of your service area, the flexibility of VoIP service enables you to keep the same number. As your company grows, you can feel confident knowing that you can maintain a professional relationship with the local clientele that you’ve worked so hard to establish.

  1. You Can Use a Local Business Number for Marketing

Often, small business owners start their enterprises using their personal cell phone to receive customer phone calls. In the beginning, this practice may make sense. However, as your business grows, you’ll need a professional number that you can use in various marketing materials.

You can advertise a local business number as needed. It’s unlikely, however, that you’d feel comfortable using your personal phone number in advertisements.

  1. A Separate Business Line Helps You Maintain Work-Life Balance

Today, you may use your personal phone for important tasks such as two-factor authentication, contact management and tap to pay transactions. As your business expands, however, it will grow increasingly difficult to track both personal and business digital assets using your smartphone. A cost-effective, local VoIP line will make it easier for you to manage your personal and professional roles.

  1. You’ll Enjoy Better Control Over Customer Engagement

Leading VoIP number providers include access to an administrative dashboard with your business line subscription. Using your dashboard, you can track inbound call metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing. For instance, you can integrate your VoIP service with a tool such as Google Analytics to track your marketing campaigns efficiently.

  1. It’s Easier for Customers to Remember

A VoIP vanity number is another tool that will improve your marketing results. By choosing an easy to remember local business number, you can increase the chances that customers will call you to solve their problem.

If your company uses outbound marketing, customers are more likely to answer a local phone number. Whether you use inbound or outbound marketing, a 212 area code number can help you generate more leads and close more sales.

A local area code number will make customers feel more confident in their decision to trust your company. Even new customers will feel more comfortable working with you compared to a competitor with an unfamiliar area code.

By securing a local phone number for your business, you can increase your presence and send a message to consumers that you’re the right company to fulfill their needs.


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