5 Things Students Need to Know Before Investing In a Drone


Usually, kids think that adults don’t give them everything they want. They want more games, more dolls, more cars, and so on. Children dream about becoming grown-ups sooner so that they can buy whatever they see in a toy shop. When they finally grow up, they try to fulfill their dreams. But instead of toys, they go crazy about different electronic devices and gadgets.  

Buying a drone is a perfect example. Some students may want to have one just for entertainment. Others have plans for research or some projects that can also be quite fun. However, students do not always consider all the specifications of drones before buying one. As a result, the device breaks down fast or becomes another useless dusty thing in their storage.  

To ensure your future purchase is reasonable and sensible, check out the five things you should be aware of before investing in a drone.  

Buy Nice or Buy Twice

Drones are not the cheapest devices. That’s why if you want to buy low-cost equipment, be ready that you won’t get the best quality of photos and videos. It’s understandable that usually, students can’t allow themselves to spend a fortune on electronics. However, in this case, the price means the result. Cheap drones are not as stable as their more expensive analog. 

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Registration Is a Must

What is not commonly known is that every drone must be registered. It doesn’t matter what the objective of using this flying device is. But the rules are strict. And if you don’t want to get into trouble with the Federal Aviation Administration, you must register it. 

All you need to make it happen is to fill out the form. You must provide your email address, physical address (or mailing address if it’s different from physical one), device model, and credit or debit card. And, of course, you must be at least 13 years old to have a right to register and own the device. 

Drones Have Different Types

The number of drone types and models is quite significant. Before making the purchase, have some research on them. At least you will understand some terminology and the consultant will get what exactly you need. 

  • The first type is called “ready-to-fly” (RTF). It means that you can use it right after unpacking without additional procedures. 
  • The next one, “bind-to-fly” (BNF), requires some extra details (like a controller) or a connection to your smartphone. 
  • The “almost-ready-to-fly” (ARF) type is more like a kit to create your drone. You can vary elements to build the one you exactly need. Unfortunately, additional purchases can cost you much more money than you think.
  • The ”first-person-video” (FPV) type is the most convenient to use because a gadget like that transmits the footage directly to your smartphone. It’s the photographers’ favorite choice. 

Battery Selection

A powerful battery is one of the essential characteristics you should check before deciding to buy a drone. It influences the time your equipment will last.  The average flight time is 15-20 minutes. But you can also find drones that can stay in the air for up to 30 minutes.

You should never forget about the weather conditions you have in the area of filming. Windy or rainy weather will drain the battery very fast. That’s why you should choose a drone with the highest battery capacity if you plan to create extreme videos. In this case, it would also be better to ensure it is waterproof. 

The Best Drone Is a Stable Drone

The stability factor is decisive when you want to film something from a distance. It’s something that can make your future video an absolute masterpiece or ruin all the videography. A drone must hover still because the stable position ensures clear footage. The best examples have sensitive stability sensors, which guarantee a beautiful and clear image. 


It’s tempting to buy something impulsively just because you have been dreaming about it for a long time. However, as a grown-up, you should always examine the characteristics of and receive the basic knowledge on the product you want to buy.

Drones have become extremely popular, but they’re still not very cheap. That’s why it’s better to remember the tips mentioned above. They may save your time and money as well as help you choose the drone you will be able to use for a long time without any regrets. 


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