5 Tips for Awesome Sound from Your SXS Subwoofer


If you are looking to get better audio quality in your car, the easiest and quickest thing that you can do is to add a subwoofer. Adding an SXS subwoofer is an excellent way to upgrade your sound system without spending a lot of money. The best UTV subwoofer will not help you to create extremely loud sound; rather it will provide you with a good clean bass so that you get a good sound quality at a minimal level. You can also upgrade your head unit and include amplifiers, equalizers, and signal processors to improve the overall sound quality of the audio system in your car. You should also remove the external interference as much as possible to get better acoustics in your car. In this article, we will offer you five tips to get awesome sound from your SXS subwoofer.

Tip 1: Replace Your Factory Speaker and Add an SXS Subwoofer:

Factory speakers are not efficient for getting good sound quality. If you want to improve the audio quality in your UTV, you have to replace factory speakers by installing aftermarket features that match the dimensions of your existing head unit. The speakers also get depreciatedafter using them for a while. Therefore, the replacement of your factory speakers is a great option to get better sound quality. Along with this, you should add a side-by-side subwoofer to get sound of a lower frequency range. If you prefer music with a lot of sub-bass and bass, then a regular speaker will not be useful for that, whereas subwoofers can produce lower frequencies and deep bass.

Tip 2: Install Enough Subwoofers:

If your car has one row of seats, you will require two subwoofers and for two rows of seats, at least four subwoofers are essential. If you are looking to get smooth bass, a horn-loaded massive subwoofer cannot provide you with that. Instead, you should use multiple subwoofers and place them in “mode-cancelling” arrangements to get smooth and consistent bass across the area.

Tip 3: Install Components, Including Amplifiers, Equalizers, and Signal Processors:

Installing an amplifier, an equalizer or a signal processor is a great idea to upgrade your car sound system. Even though these upgrades can be a little expensive, you will surely get better audio quality as well as can place better speakers.

Tip 4: Place Your SXS Subwoofers and Amplifiers Properly:

When you are installing amplifiers or SXS subwoofers, appropriate placement is necessary. You should ensure that the amplifier gets enough breathing room, otherwise, it can overheat easily. In the case of installing subwoofers, you need to make sure that your subwoofers are not too near to the seats so that you do not get boomy bass or excessive localization.

Tip 5: Use High-Quality Music Files and Reduce External Noise Sources:

To get better sound quality, it is very much important to use high-quality and high-resolution music files. You should also focus on reducing external noise sources, including road noise by using damping materials.

These five tips will definitely help you to get awesome sound from your SXS subwoofers. You can also upgrade your head unit for better results.


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