6 Basic Steps To Hack A Phone With Easy and Complex Techniques Remotely


There are hacking tools which are capable of hacking a cell phone without touching it. You have heard how data breach, leaked nude, monitor text and many more. This is the cause of hacking smartphones. This is the right guide and here is the best place to hack a phone correctly.

There was a time when people restricted their personal lives to journals and their closed ones, but those times have changed drastically. Almost everything can be known about a person by accessing their mobile phone. It could be the last place the person visited or the medicines which they take, you just name it. With an increasing socially inclined youth, the concept of privacy has somehow withered.

People are getting more and more comfortable by letting the whole world into their daily life, and as that horizon expands, the curiosity to know more does too. The boundaries of secrecy lose importance, and that is when the thought of evading into someone’s life originates.

Hacking Phone without Applications

There are a lot of ways that can be used to crack open someone’s mobile phone without touching it or planting a bug in it. There are a myriad of applications, too, which can help to ease down the process. The reason why it is always better to consider an application is the ease of conducting operations that comes along with it. Hacking someone’s mobile with the use of text messages and emails might require finesse in technological skills.

Hackers can remotely hack a device without touching the cell phone or come in contact. With the right software, you are just a second away to get hacked.

From a less tech savvy individual, you can literally use a spy app to monitor your spouse cell phone. Once you get your hands on the device, you can gain access instantly.

1. Hacking the mobile with Spam Messages

One of the most convenient ways of hacking into someone’s device is by sending them spam messages which click baits. These click baits are usually fictional prizes that the customer wins, and they have to be claimed by clicking on the links which are attached.

Earlier, when the concept of spam messages was still new, people used to click on these links, only to get their Google accounts hacked. They unknowingly surrendered a lot of permissions to the hackers and got their privacy disrupted.

The advancement in technology has reached unimaginable pedestals where the text messages have hidden bugs attached to them. These bugs get activated by simply opening the messages in the inbox and can conduct a full-fledged raid on the user’s data.

Hacking with spam messages has shown a bit of decline lately because of the anti-malware software and the spam detection technology which comes with mobile phones.

2. Hack a Phone Number with Midnight Raid

Midnight Raids are an advanced level of hacking mobiles that require some equipment to carry out the whole process. The reason why this is called midnight raid is because of the timing in which it is conducted, which, as the name suggests, is post-midnight. The reason for choosing such a time is to ensure that the owner of the phone is asleep and that the mobile phone is left unattended to break into.

The whole mechanism starts with a simple message saying, “your phone is hacked.” This message invokes response mechanisms inside the mobile phones, which get tracked by certain applications. The next thing you know, you have the IMEI number of the mobile in your hand, which can be used to derive any information along with tracking location.

Any successful raid can cause a lot of damage to the person whose mobile is getting hacked because the sim card gets vulnerable too. The perks of online banking can turn into perils as the OTP detection software fails in such raids.

3. Hacking with a DIY IMSI Catcher or Stingray

An IMSI catcher is used to establish connections with the sim cards present in the mobile phones. It forces the chip inside by sending out signals, which forces the mobile phones to connect back. Once a successful connection is made, all the intricate details, including the IMEI number of the mobile, is obtained.

An IMSI Catcher is a highly regulated technology that is not available for use by everyone. It is majorly used by the government and the crime investing agencies in finding the people who have criminal interests.

However, it is not impossible to use an IMSI catcher if you have the motivation to build one yourself. There are all sorts of tutorial videos along with parts available on Amazon if you are interested enough. It works just the same but with a lesser frequency. Mobile phones ping the towers regularly, and hence this technology can be used to track real-time location.

The primary tool used in this arrangement is a radio dongle that defines software, also called RTL-SDR. This tool is designed for over GSM network listening. Basically, because of such hacking, the only hardware needed is an RTL-SDR that can be purchased for less than twenty dollars.

4. Hiring a Professional Hacker

If you are a movie buzz, you know that these beings exist. You just need the patience to find them in some dingy corner where they are glued to their computer screens. Hackers have all the aces up their sleeves to slide into someone’s mobile.

One of the methods which hackers use is called Phishing. Phishing, in simpler terms, is impersonating someone by replicating their presence online and then retrieving sensitive information. Hackers create the same aura with QR codes and business cards to carry this out.

Another one of their methods is called Bluetooth hacking, which happens by exploiting someone’s Bluetooth visibility. Hackers usually use this method in places where there are a lot of people. They get into the mobile phone by Bluetooth tethering and then steal a lot of private information like call logs and browsing history. The hacker’s phone acts as a remote, which can be used to steal images and even operate the other phone until the connection is broken.

5. DDI Utilities

Aside from being a hacking software, DDI Utilities can also be used to retrieve information that gets lost sometimes. In the process of hacking a cellphone, sometimes the user gets aware of the hacking being conducted. This causes the user to reset their device in order to save their private information from leaking out. The backup extractor function of this software helps to get back all the data.

DDI utilities also have an interesting offering, which claims that it can hack all the social media applications, including Snapchat. They offer a money-back policy if the user is not satisfied with their results.

Other ways of hacking cell phone number

While hacking with applications is a no-sweat process, there are other options out there as well. These options are a bit less complicated but have yielded successful results.

1. Ultimate Phone Spy

Ultimate phone spy is a very reputed application which is famous for its user-friendliness. Not all hacking applications are easy to use, but Ultimate phone spy has a very simple interface that can be used to monitor the messages and media exchanges on the hacked mobile.

You can use Ultimate phone spy to hack a phone text messages once you install the device. Another good thing about the app is that it does not require rooting or jailbreaking your advice on iOS and Android.

Rooting and jailbreaking makes the device vulnerable and should be avoided. Ultimate phone spy is also a web-based application that does not require any resources to be downloaded. All of the surveillance can be carried out online, and thus it is also considered safer than other competitors.

Ultimate phone spy comes with both android and iOS hacking compatibility to hack a phone number.

How to Hack a Samsung Phone To Read Messages

Samsung flagship is an android device and works well on an android phone. You can hack a phone number with just the number on any android. Ultimate phone spy runs well on any Samsung device.

To use Ultimate phone spy on these devices, you need a one time touch of the device before it can work.

What leads to hacking?

The intention to get into someone’s device cannot be quantified because there are numerous possibilities. Even the intentions can be very different. Concerned parents would want to hack their child’s phone just to make sure of their well being. Someone’s spouse would want to hack their phone number because the trust levels are not up to the mark. Not to forget, some people hack text messages to read about cheating spouses.

The last method, which is prominently used, is called Malware injection. Hackers plant bugs in your devices, which cause your mobile to misbehave. In the meantime, all the information which can be accessed is stolen with the help of the bugs. Malware injection is a very common way of attacking someone’s mobile phone because of the ease of injecting it. All sorts of communication channels can be used to do the needful.

Summing up

The world is getting technologically advanced by the second, and the most important thing in this scenario is data. Everyone is trying to acquire data by any means possible, and that is why all these methods exist.

These applications and methods should be weighed by keeping all the pros and cons on the table before coming to a decision. Their market reviews should be checked along with the compatibility of the software with your device.

Even though major mobile phone brands tend to create a product that can avoid getting hacked, these are some of the ways which can be used to break into someone’s mobile!


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