6 Interesting Mobile Gaming Statistics That Will Surprise You


Do you remember the snake games people would love to play on their Nokia mobile? Who would have thought the mobile gaming scenario will change in 10 years? It seems like the small handsets whose work was limited to allowing people to call their relatives have almost disappeared from the market. Thanks to the amazing Smartphones! Today, you can download a wide variety of games on your handsets. All you need to do is open your app store, type the name of the game, and press the “install” button. That’s it! The best part about these games is they are cheap to purchase (in fact, most of the games do not cost a single penny to download) and yet the game developer can earn a significant amount of revenue through in-game purchase options. It’s pretty clear how far the mobile gaming industry has come. But how big this industry is?

While mobile games are largely preferred by gamers, and the scenario has further changed with online casinos coming in the picture. Players can now even play scratch card games online with online casinos. However, there are still some limitations that make it incomparable to PC and console games. But, the amazing graphics, interesting game characters, and high-speed internet make the mobile game a perfect option for gaming enthusiasts. Let’s have a look at six interesting mobile gaming stats:

1. Candy Crush is still the most famous game on Mobile Play store
If you are a mobile gaming enthusiast, you would know how candy crush saga had been the talk of the town 5 years ago. The surprising fact is, it is still one of the most popular games on play store with approximately 35% of the population playing it. Pokémon Go ranks second on mobile gaming apps with approximately 17% of the mobile gamers playing it.
Candy Crush Saga is especially popular in France, as there are around 41% of people who play it on a regular basis.

2. The most common time to play mobile games is 6-10 pm
Research suggests, a majority of players tend to purchase the games from the app store or play it online in the evening i.e. around 6-10 pm. However, teens start using mobile game applications a bit early than the average time. 30% of teenagers are likely to open their mobile game apps in the afternoon.

3. 63% of Fortnite game players are adults among which 2/3 are male
Fortnite is one of the top iOS games that is gaining immense popularity lately. 63% of people playing this game are aged 18-24 (adults) and the rest 23% of people are aged 25-34. However, this study doesn’t include Fortnite players under 18. The majority of the Fortnite players i.e., 72% are male, while female players contribute to only 28%.

4. Fortnite crossed 100 million downloads on iOS in just 5 months
Within 138 days of being introduced in the iOS gaming market, the Fortnite crossed a whopping figure of 100 million downloads. Even though it earned 100 million downloads within 5 months, it couldn’t break the fastest 100 million download application record of the Super Mario Run. The game reached 100 million downloads within a period of 68 days.

5. Mobile game users in the USA are increasing by Leaps and Bounds
Research focusing on the number of mobile phone users across the United States was conducted, in which, it was revealed that the USA is witnessing an increase in the number of its mobile game players every year. The number of mobile game users in 2011 in the USA was 80.7 million; however, the number kept on rising since then. In 2015, it crossed 164.9 million mobile game users. If predictions are to be believed, this number can go up to 213 million by the end of 2020.

6. Helix Jump was the most downloaded mobile game application in 2018
Even though Helix Jump is not as famous as candy crush saga and Fortnite, it crossed approximately 334 million downloads in 2018. Subway Surfers was the second most downloaded game followed by Rise Up, PUBG, Fortnite, and finally, the Candy Crush Saga.
This was the list of 6 most interesting statistics that every mobile game player should know. Though these figures keep on changing from time to time, it’s pretty fun to know the current statistics of mobile games.


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