7 Applications Every Smartphone Should Have in 2021


The modern smartphone is a powerful piece of technology, allowing people to connect instantaneously, perform work-related tasks, and have fun all in one device. But with app stores flooded with a wealth of applications, which ones should your phone have?

Just like how you choose new bonus codes for online casino games, we’ve made a quick list of apps that your phone should have. While this list is not exhaustive, it is a great starting point for deciding which ones to download or not.

Applications you should have on your phone now.

  1. File management apps
  2. Note-taking apps
  3. Task management apps
  4. Photo editors
  5. VPNs
  6. Streaming services
  7. Food delivery apps

File Management Apps

With people on the go, access to essential documents becomes an indispensable feature, especially for completing business transactions. And having a file management app installed on your phone keeps your files updated and accessible.

File management applications keep your important files and documents within an arm’s reach, as they keep them in cloud storage. All devices connected to your account are synced to the cloud, allowing instantaneous access to the files. Dropbox, Sync.com, and Google Drive are some examples of these applications.

Note-Taking Apps

Have you ever experienced brewing up the best ideas but no place to write them down? If so, then downloading a note-taking app should be a top priority.

In a nutshell, note-taking apps let you jot down ideas, concepts, and even daily activities in digital form, storing them on the cloud for easy access. Most apps even allow you to categorize them through labels and custom tags, making it easy to search, access, and store the files.

Plus, some even offer connectivity to other apps on your phone or even with other people for a minimal fee. With this feature, you can have seamlessly shared discussions with your peers about what matters in life or business and have them stored for future reference.

Task Management Apps

Having an organized system for distributing and monitoring tasks is an integral part of maintaining the business for business owners and managers. Task management applications provide solutions to these concerns, plus more features for an optimized work environment, even on the go.

Aside from providing an avenue for organizing, distributing, and monitoring projects within a team or organization, task management tools let you see the bigger picture on specific projects or events. Many apps of this nature also help teams work together on larger tasks while keeping everyone in the loop.

Trello, Asana, and ClickUp are some of the more popular task management apps available (https://sea.pcmag.com/productivity/16954/the-best-to-do-list-apps-for-2020) for download on the market today. While most of them are free and work well without payment, some require a membership to access special features.

Photo Editors

Wanting to flex your photography muscles but don’t have the ideal equipment to take breathtaking and eye-catching photos? Combining your phone’s powerful camera and some photo editing apps can turn the simplest of pictures into digital works of art.

Most photo editor tools have tons of features to help tweak your images, from cropping and magnification to adding filters and effects. Some even have sharing options that instantly upload your creations to your social media of choice. Plus, most of these are free to use, letting you explore as much as you want.


Along with the advancements of the digital age is the danger of unwanted people connecting to our phones through unsecured internet connections. There is nothing more dangerous than someone hacking into your phone and tapping into your information, files, and even funds.

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs offer protection from unwanted connections and access to servers limited by location. These apps keep your data secure through tight encryption, allowing you to use public internet connections without worrying about your security. Another prominent feature of VPNs is their ability to connect you to servers in different countries, letting you use digital services as if you’re in that location.

There are several well-loved VPNs available for download However, keep in mind that most would require a subscription for activation and use.

Streaming Services

As we move into a cordless society, even basic services like television and movies moved towards digital access. Almost everything that we usually watched at home is now available online through multiple streaming services.

Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime are primary streaming services that offer a library of content for a monthly premium. However, if you prefer free content, there are also other options like YouTube and Twitch, with the latter featuring content for gamers and non-gamers alike.

Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps moved from being a fad to a necessity within the last year in light of the changes that happened around the world. Many people saw the convenience of having food from your favorite restaurant delivered to your doorstep and never turned back. The popularity of food delivery apps also expanded to grocery deliveries, food preps, and even deliveries for medicine.

There’s a lot to choose from for food delivery services, including GrubHub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash. Even beloved food establishments have stepped up their delivery process to match these commercial food delivery apps.


With people on their phones longer than ever, having these applications installed gives you room to do what you need to when you need to. Whether you’re a business person or someone who enjoys their personal time, there’s an app here that will fit your lifestyle.


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