7 Awesome Tips On How To Track Your Kids’ Location


As an adult, a kid is among the best blessings you can have in life. It feels great bringing life into the world and seeing that cute little thing grow over the years into a fine successful adult. Being a parent gives you dignity, joy, and perhaps a reason to live for as long as you can despite the usual struggles of life. However, parenthood doesn’t come without a price. If you guessed right, the price is the responsibility that comes with it.

Apart from providing shelter, food, education, and love, you also have to ensure your kids are safe at all times. This means keeping track of the movements, habits, what they do online, who they hand out with, and everything in between. Keeping them safe involves keeping track of their whereabouts as much as you can, which is the main agenda addressed in this article.

1. Kids’ GPS Wearables

GPS is by far the best technology when it comes to tracking or pinpointing locations. The same technology can be used by parents to keep track of their kids’ location when the need arises. On this note, SATX Technologies magnetic GPS tracking devices have a range of wearables designed for kids, teens, and the elderly. They help provide a sense of security to concerned parents about the safety of their loved ones. In case your kid is lost when enjoying the weekend at the park or the museum, this device can help you track their location. The location details and activity report can be accessed easily from a smartphone or a PC with an accuracy capability of +/-5 meters of the exact location. They are also more affordable compared to other kinds of trackers, including smartwatches and smartphones.

2. Smartwatch

Watches are trendy. Depending on your taste, you can choose from the varied options. It’s a gadget that completes the dressing code. A wrist smartwatch is not only a fun and fancy piece for your kid, but it also plays a huge role in their safety. A smartwatch is one of the common gadgets that can help parents track and locate their kids at any time. With its inbuilt sensors, you can easily get up-to-date details of your kid’s whereabouts enough to pinpoint their location. Unlike a cellphone where your child can miss your call, a smartwatch allows your child to be on the alert in case of an incoming call. He can receive it even in the rowdiest surroundings.

3. My Kids App

The latest advancement in technology has brought some serenity to many paranoiac parents and guardians. Fortunately, the good news is that you can easily track your child with a tool called Find My Kids App in minutes. For instance, if they take an unplanned diversion on their way to school, you can be alerted instantly. The app uses the GPS tracking system to track your kid as long as he or she has a GPS-enabled watch or cellphone. The app gives you automatic notifications of your child from the time he leaves the house to school. It has a microphone, which allows you to listen to the surrounding environs of your child.

4. Clip-on Tracker

Kids are always hyped up and excited about going out. They are easily distracted. You visit a mall with them and before you know, they are out of sight. This can cause terrible panic since they tend to speak even to strangers.

Investing in a Clip-on GPS tracker can help in ensuring your child is safe because you can locate them quickly. All you need to do is clip it on their backpack or their clothing. The reason why it’s a favorite for many parents is that the clip-on tracker can be concealed inside a child’s clothing. It cannot be noticed by strangers.

You can also opt to buy the complex model if you need the assurance that your child cannot remove it. Alternatively, you can set the tracker to alert you immediately in case the kid leaves home or school before time. The child can also press on it in case of danger.

5. Angel Sense

The tracking apps have come to save parents a huge bunch of worries. With the tracking angel sense app, you no longer have to worry about where and how your kid is faring in your absence. If you have a child with special needs, you can ease your nerves by installing the angel sense. It’s a secretive eye cum app for your child. The GPS tracker enables you to keep a close eye on your child. It has voice monitoring, which helps you track and listen in on what is happening around your child at a touch of a button. It also gives you the exact location in case your child is in a stressful situation. It has a cozy design that does not interfere with your child’s range of movements. You can easily fasten it tightly on your child’s clothes or school bag till they get home.

6. Lil Tracker (GPS watch)

Technology has eased the way we live our lives. Anything can be done quicker and easier at a touch of a button. A Lil tracker GPS watch is another popular tracker for kids. The tracker cum watch allows you to track your child’s location and also alerts you in case of any lurking danger in the surroundings. It also stores your child’s data in case you want to revisit its history for the past few months.

7. FamiSafe

Parenthood has never been this simple. With the latest evolution in technology, you can easily confirm your kid’s location any time of the day with a Fami safe GPS tracker app. The app has loads of advantages. It’s the most dependable screen time parental power app with features that allow parents to track their kids in real-time locations and share. It allows you to create geo-fences that notify you in case the kids move out of the set boundaries or unsafe places.

The safety of a child is predominant to every parent. With the ever-rising cases of kids kidnapping, you can’t help but worry about the whereabouts of your child now and then. The above are just a few ways you can track your child’s whereabouts for their safety and security. Although teens can at times feel that you are invading their privacy, these tracking solutions can help make you a better and more responsible parent.


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