7 Best Gadgets for College Life


Modern students have no idea how lucky they are with all the high-tech solutions offered to them. They can just say, “Siri, help me write my essay”, and the AI-based assistant will give them tips. Many college students don’t even go to libraries as they can download any book they need or just find this information online. New devices that simplify college life appear daily. We compiled a list of the best gadgets that have a positive impact on academic achievements and even save your money.

Smart Pen

Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen on amazon.com

This mind-blowing technology helps your digitalize your sketches and lecture notes. It’s a real dream for the students from the previous century. The pen does not only upload the handwritten notes, but it also transcribes the text and transforms it into the electronic variant.

The market offers a wide range of smartpens with various features. Some are capable of recording audio notes on top of the transcribed text. In real life, you can simply record the whole lecture as you write down your notes and then listen to any fragment you are interested in. Besides, you can share records with groupmates or even stream online, everything that has been written down and recorded with the help of this gadget.

Power bank

Power Bank 24000mAh Portable on amazon.com

The all-consuming usage of gadgets that require being charged ties us to wires and sockets. But even this indissoluble bound doesn’t fully protect us from the dead battery at the worst possible moment. There are some situations when you can’t find a socket, or it’s simply not convenient to carry your charger around. A power bank is a real lifesaver! Consider purchasing a powerful power bank with not less than 10 000 milliampere-hour. It’s a perfect choice to charge your laptop and cellphone. But don’t forget to buy some additional adapter for each device.

Pocket Scanner

Brother Mobile Color Page Scanner, DS-620 on amazon.com

It’s often impossible to keep track of everything a professor does, especially when he is giving a lecture, writing something on the board, or tracing something. Moreover, you are not always capable of attending all the classes. Of course, you can use a recorder and write down only the syllabus and significant points, and then decode everything while getting ready for the next class. But why wasting your precious time if you can use a convenient pocket scanner? It will digitalize everything, and you just need to sort out the information. And don’t forget to study it to pass your exams with flying colors. There is a wide range of these gadgets ar different prices that can fit any budget, starting from $39.

Backpacks with Solar Batteries

Solar Backpack 7W on amazon.com

Every student needs a spacy and trendy bag to carry his school stuff, starting from a laptop and tablet to books and a lunchbox. A pack with a charger is a perfect solution for any student. There is a diversity of bags with installed batteries and solar panels. Thus, every time you appear in the street and absorb the precious Vitamin D into your skin, your backpack charges as well. The charge rate and speed do not differ from standard sockets. On average, the solar panel and battery are waterproof. This gadget, a.k.a. an accessory, is a perfect choice if you are also fond of traveling during breaks and are not always able to charge your devices.

Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers

YAMAY Fitness Tracker Watch on amazon.com

It’s vital to keep an eye on your lifestyle and correct it if necessary. A fitness tracker is an excellent opportunity to track your physical activities and the state of your body in general. Some of the devices are capable of measuring your pulse and even blood pressure! A smartwatch is a great alternative to a cellphone during classes or training. You can quickly reply to the messages, calls, use simple apps, track your vitals, and, of course, tell anyone the time.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite on amazon.com

Carrying dozens of books is not only tiring but is also harmful to your back. Besides, the prices for academic books are sky-high! Why wasting money on traditional books if you can purchase an ebook and upload everything you need? Clearly, you can replace the electronic book with a tablet or your phone, but constant notifications and a chance to procrastinate distract you from studying. In addition to this, the screen of an ebook is absolutely harmless to your eyes, unlike the screens of other devices.


Sometimes, you simply want to watch a movie with your friends on a big screen and eat some popcorn. However, the prices for TVs are quite high. A projector is an excellent alternative for a dorm room! You can broadcast a movie from your phone or laptop and enjoy a movie night. In addition to its entertaining feature, you can use it to work on group projects. It’s a convenient gadget that doesn’t require much space and doesn’t cost a fortune. You can find plenty of options at a fair price of $50.

Robot Vacuums

Robot Vacuum, GOOVI 1600PA on amazon.com

Let’s be honest, being a student is exhausting. You almost don’t have either time or strength to clean up your room. A robot vacuum can become your personal cleaner. You can just turn it on before you leave for classes and return into a tidy room. These gadgets are easy to control. They find all the dirt themselves. Isn’t it perfect?


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