7 Important Tips for Effective Content Writing


Writing a good article or a story takes more than just a simple process of writing where you need to convey the message and present it to readers. Today, good web content is needed more than ever and search engines read the content gladly to identify the goal and style of writing. Especially when it comes to B2B content. The copywriters know that they need to produce good and optimized content. But, how to write effective content that converts and produces results?

Catchy headline

First of all, your story, content or article must have that catchy headline that will attract anyone and make them click on the link. If you have a weak and not interesting headline, you will not attract anyone as the headline does not produce the wish for reading. It does not have to be a long one. It can be a short, catchy headline that simply tempts the reader to open the link and find out more about the topic. That is a catchy and effective headline that makes people click on it.

Why do you think that people click on the news posts from CNN? Because the readers find interesting and intriguing topics that the readers want to read about. It is simply like that. No one wants to read boring headlines and posts that do not offer the core solution or the latest news. Would you read something that is not catchy and interesting?

Grab the attention with the hook

Once you write the catchy headline, you have a couple of seconds to hook your readers, so they continue with your text. The first sentence is the crucial one as it should make your readers interested in your topic. If you catch them with the first sentence, you are done. They will continue to read the rest of the text and maybe find something they were looking for earlier. So, make your hook be interesting and fun, so they do not close your post and continue with other pages.

As we said, the first couple of seconds are crucial as they will decide whether to continue with reading or close it in the first couple of seconds. You have enough time to give them a good reason to continue with reading. Do your best shoot, or you will lose them. If you can, it would be a good thing to include a quote or a question, so you define the problem that your readers have. Once you do this, if they are looking for the solution for the problem, just give them a hint that the article they are reading is hiding the solution and they just have to read it to the end.

Thorough research is a must-do

This is something that you must be aware of, even when you write short stories or reviews, as you must rely on the actual, realistic and current information. As you know, probably, any writing service that delivers written content like edusson.com for example, or a single freelance writer, is ought to perform thorough research before writing the article, guest post or any other type of content. How do you expect to write if you do not know the topic? Therefore, spend some time on research before you start writing.

If you write about tech things, you should inform yourself about related topics so you could give concrete evidence that is based on true facts and statistics. For example, if you write about Samsung, it should be good to get more information about the latest releases in the niche you are writing about. This way, you increase your authority. It means that your readers will perceive you as an expert who is experienced and well-informed about the whole thing. The more actual facts, statistics and case study you present, the more you become authoritative and qualified.

Write, write and write

It is a rare case that someone writes the piece of content, especially the longer ones, in a single session, as there is always something to edit and change. Like any writer that writes a book, he would eventually engage in the post-editing to shape the article in the end and present it in the final form that is appropriate, free of any grammar errors or plagiarism. Writing is a process that takes time. So, just keep writing and writing until you come to an end. Then, you can go back to the start and start editing and changing things how you like to produce the final piece of work.

Write in a unique way

Yes, this is often easier to say than to do, but this is something that you must arrange with your company if you write for a company. The company’s voice must be unique and one of a kind, so the readers and subscribers could notice the difference among other similar companies. You must identify a couple of things. The target audience, your company’s goals and the voice of the brand you are writing for. Once you identify all these and get used to them, you will be able to produce the unique piece of content that represents the brand and forms a certain group of people that find similarities with your voice.

Edit at the end

Before you optimize and publish your content, you need to edit it. Think of your final content as a draft that needs to be reviewed and polished. This way, you will ensure that you do not skip something. It is a rare case that you write the final content out of the single session, but rather from second or third, as your brain simply gets tired and cannot notice any errors. Even experienced writers edit the content after they finish the writing! If you want to use word count tool, check now.

Do not forget to optimize

The digital content requires a sort of optimization in order to deliver positive results to your website’s rankings. Bullet lists, short paragraphs with a couple of sentences, images with descriptions and URLs are some of the things that you need to pay attention to. Flickr is one of the best services to get free/commercial images. It should be in your favourites’ list, as you will often need images for your posts, but make sure you use only commercial ones, in order to avoid copyright infringements. So, make your content well-optimized before you publish it!


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