7 Mobile SEO Mistakes That Can Kill Your Mobile Marketing Efforts


Be it Mobilegeddon or Mobile-first indexing, Google is trying to convey to marketers one clear and distinct message – switch to mobile-first!

Although Mobile SEO is a major part of any successful marketing campaign, it is still being ignored by numerous businesses. This is quite unfortunate for those who prefer to exist in denial, as it is a fact that an average individual spends almost 5 hours of their time on a cell-phone. This is about one-third of hours that a normal person remains awake all day. Imagine what you may be missing out on!

It is a good omen for mobile marketing specialists that the number of mobile-users are significantly increasing by the day; however, this also presents them with a challenge as the average cell phone users are greatly intolerant and impatient. Many studies suggest that approximately 50% of cellphone users will leave a site if it takes more than 2 seconds to open.

As it goes, most of the businesses are still learning the significance of ‘mobile optimization’, while those who have adapted to it are gaining an edge in business already. No matter how keen you may be about marketing, unless your website is user friendly on all devices, you cannot get a win in the growing competitive market!

Here we have compiled a list of most common SEO mistakes businesses make while attempting marketing in this age and time. Aiming to draw greater traffic? Start by avoiding the usual mistakes that most businesses make!

Agitating Speed!

Did you know that page-loading speed is an essential ranking factor in SEO? Considering the fact that at every second a business is launching itself on the web, cellphone users have access to a host of choices to move to if your web is taking too much time to load the landing page! Users would gladly switch to your competitor’s site that operates optimally.

So if you want to rank high in Google SERP results, get your house in order by ensuring one thing: always optimize your cell phone page speed. Since low mobile page speed not only irritates end-users into leaving the page, but also pushes Google to rank them extremely low in SERP results.

To enhance the speed, include fundamental things such as:

  • Minimized server reaction time
  • Allowing web-browser caching
  • Optimize pictures, etc.

Attention! You have got Blocked Files

Top-notch site optimization is a key to victory in Google SERPs, but ignoring the technical SEO aspects can prove to be a fiasco. Just like an average user, Googlebot too should be able to crawl on your website without any hindrance. This means that if the page has access constraints like CSS, JavaScript and others, it may affect your SERP results.

To avoid this, make sure to check robots.txt file as it will let you see whether any important elements are lacking.

Inefficient use of Interstitials Ads

Has it ever happened to you that a pop-up ad  irritated you to a degree that you left the website immediately? Your website visitors feel the same way when they try to scroll down your website on their cell phone screens and come across interstitial ads that had literally covered their cell phone screens entirely. Heads up! Google won’t tolerate your excessively prying distractions too!

To dodge this mistake, ensure that your on-site pop-ups cover only a small fraction of the screen.

You have pending 404 Errors!

Although these are very common in mobile phones, there can be nothing more irritating than 404 errors. This type of error may happen when users either incorrectly types a URL or the page they are trying to reach doesn’t exist.

What matters is that your users should gain access to the matching content on their cell phones and desktops. If the cell phone users are receiving 404 errors when accessing your page which they do not face when they access through desktop then you should find its remedy. On the whole, you should immediately remove all your 404 pages as they hurt your SERP results.

You are short on Rich Snippets!

Why is it that when we search for anything on Google, some lists look better than the rest of the others?

Can you see the above ratings? This is called a rich snippet.

Rich snippets take in all the relevant data from your site and show it in the SERP results. This added info can be anything from ratings and pictures to the author’s information and so on. If you want to rank high in the SERPs avoid this mistake, since this useful technique can enhance your website clicking rates by 30%. Pay equal attention to both these SEO techniques.

Your Video-content is causing trouble

Getting pop-ups denying your access to any video play is the worst defined user experiences as report on several surveys.

Before you place any video, figure out how it is going to affect the speed of your site and what limitations to accessibility will it have for the users. The best way to optimize your videos and podcasts within a web is to add transcripts with ranking keywords for an added boost to the on-page SEO where possible, since it will help users requiring closed-captioning and Google for indexing.

Dysfunctional Web Designs

Poor mobile encounters greatly affect your drive to enhanced SEO. Always remember what appears attractive on the desktop screen does not necessarily look the same on your mobile screen. It is highly essential that the site design also needs to be mobile-friendly as the page design is key. So avoid if possible all on-screen clutters, tiny font sizes, excessively large width sections, too many pop-ups, etc.

In this SEO competitive world, avoiding the above mentioned blunders can help you create an exceptional user experience which will eventually pay off all the efforts you are making while investing in mobile marketing for your business. It’s time to focus on mobile SEO so that your business attains an unprecedented success for the long run.


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