7 of the Most Fascinating Casino Superstitions in the World


Are you superstitious?

Perhaps you believe walking under a ladder brings bad luck. Maybe you never, ever handle a mirror in case you break it. Or you could have one of the many, many other superstitions affecting people around the world every single day.

And casino-goers are just as prone to superstitious beliefs as anyone else. Below, we explore seven of the most fascinating casino superstitions dictating what players do and don’t do at the gaming table.

Beware Number 13

You’ve probably heard that the number 13 is considered bad luck. And some players will avoid betting on it during roulette for fear of ruining their entire game.

This superstition varies based on which country you’re playing in, though. The number 13 is actually considered to bring good luck in Italy and China, for example.

Avoid the Front Doors

Believe it or not, some gamblers in Asia prefer not to enter a casino through its main entrance. The bad luck is made even worse if said entrance is designed to resemble a beast’s mouth, such as the former lion at Las Vegas’s iconic MGM Grand.

It was removed in 1998, with reports claiming a high number of tourists from China refused to step foot inside.

Feeding the Baby Ghost for Good Luck

Another Chinese casino superstition has it that players must feed the baby ghost sitting at their table. It’s believed they must treat it to a little sugar to keep it happy and help make their game run as smoothly as they hope.

Keep Your Dog in the House

Ever visited a casino in Australia? If so, did you notice any dogs on the premises?

It’s highly unlikely you did. Why? Because Australians are believed to view dogs as a bad omen when gambling. That means their pooches must be left at home if want to win.

Be Cautious of that Itchy Palm

An itchy right palm is regarded as bad luck in certain parts of the world, such as Serbia and Bulgaria.

If your right hand itches while you’re at a casino, it means you can expect to be giving your money to someone else — the dealer, perhaps?

Choose Your Colors Wisely

What colors do you tend to wear when gambling? Is it that “lucky” yellow shirt you’ve owned for more than a decade? How about a blue dress that “helps” you play at your best?

Well, if you’re paying in a Chinese casino, red is definitely the color to go with. This is considered symbolic of prosperity, so it makes sense that dressing head-to-toe in red might make the game go in your favor.

Aim for 7 Every Time

Number 7 is said to bring good luck all over the world, hence the phrase “lucky number 7”.

It’s viewed as a ‘special’ number at the very least, even by those without superstitions. They may have a point — the number 7 is connected to the seas, days of the week, continents of the world, and more.

This is just a small selection of the many casino superstitions out there. Perhaps this is why millions of people choose to play their favorite games at an online casino instead.

Do you have any superstitions when gambling? And if so, what are they?


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