7 Resume Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job


If you are struggling with getting interviews, your resume might be the problem. Maybe it’s not formatted correctly, or it’s too plain. There may be a lot of issues you didn’t think about that are causing the delay. Today, we have 5 tips for you to help you on your way to creating a better resume that will aid you in landing your dream job.

  1. Use a resume writing service

Before we go too into detail about different tips you can use, if that all sounds fussy and would take up too much of your time, try a professional resume service! There are so many benefits to using a writing service, some you may not have even thought about!

One benefit is you have a professional that writes resumes for a living. They know how to format a resume and how to make it look appealing and inviting. Some services offer industry specialists and those are a great asset because they know exactly what hiring managers are looking for in employees.

Another benefit is the work is obviously out of your hands! With just a little effort up front, you can set yourself up for success. Writers may contact you for further clarification, but with such minimal time put in, it could be a huge benefit to your life. Sometimes certain services offer additional products like cover letters and thank you letters. Freeing up even more of your time and make applying to jobs a breeze!

  1. Use a resume template site

If you don’t feel like paying an arm and a leg to have someone write something for you, you can always do it yourself with some added assistance and a small fee. There are websites out there that offer templates you can use for your resume. You can have different layout options as well as color options. You can also choose different looks to use. They range from classic resume to a more modern and creative resume style.

These are great if you have the time to use and even though there is sometimes a small fee to download the finished product, it is well worth it. It is easy as well. You can either upload your current resume or input your information as you go.

  1. Keep a sleek, easy to read look

Hiring managers have to look at resumes almost all day. For most, they know just by looking at your resume if you’d be a good fit or not. Most of the time they are looking at the way the resume looks overall. If it is clear and concise and easy to read. They don’t want to see too much fluff or crazy design.

  1. Keep sections obvious and easy to find

If a hiring manager cannot find your skills section right away, they may just throw you in the no pile. They need to be able to glance at your resume and see the skills section right away and look through your various attributes. If they have to struggle to find it, they won’t take the time. They will just move on with their search.

  1. Update your skillset

Have you updated your resume recently? If the answer is no, do it now! While your work experience is one that always needs updated after a job, so do your skills. You may have gained more valuable skills to add to the list. Make sure not to have too long of a list though. Keep it to a core few that are important for your type of work.

  1. Keep it industry specific

Hiring managers are always looking for skills and experience in a certain field. If you’re in tech and have work experience showing you used to work in a pizza shop, they won’t see that as relevant. Keep working experience that shows your experience in that certain field.

Same goes with skills. You want skills that pertain to that sort of industry. You don’t want to list any and every skill you have, just the ones you think the hiring manager will care to know. Make sure all of these are clear to read and use creative and unique words to stand out.

  1. Utilize font size and bolding

Making sure that there are clear sections is easy if you use font size and bolding. Also bolding words that are more important as well, is a good practice to keep. For instance, in your work experience, bolding the company you worked for shows the hiring manager clearly where to look. Same for schooling. Bolding the school name shows right away where the eyes should focus first. Make sure not to use it too much though, it can become overwhelming to the eye.

Hopefully a few of these tips can help you on your way to landing your dream job. Just remember that formatting and keeping a professional look to your resume is key to stand out from the crowd!


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