7 Secrets To Outsourcing Data Analysis


Many times, organizations struggle to convert even small data into a useful piece of information. There are so many other tasks to do that it becomes difficult to gather, analyze, and manage huge chunks of raw data. 

This is where outsourcing data analysis to the professional analysts comes into the picture!

Here, we are going to list seven useful tips you must remember while handing your data science projects to a nearshore partner-

Do Some Diligence-Ask Important Questions

Data analysis is a complicated job that involves collecting data from different sources, gathering facts & figures, analyzing the information, and concluding possible solutions. For doing all this work, you need a dedicated team of professionals.

Before you agree to outsource the project, ask a few questions such as:

  • What is the experience of the team in delivering big data service?
  • How long has the company been in this field?
  • Can they work with all types of data storage systems?

A good software development outsourcing company deploys solutions to transform data assets into business results. It helps you to pursue growth by taking advantage of the data opportunities.

You can ask for a detailed proposal on the basis of your goals for data analysis. Be cautious of the huge promises the company might make without getting enough information from you.

Engage The Team By Recognizing Their Efforts

Recognition has the power to make your employees do better or quit their job as well. If you focus on the team’s efforts or contributions, it will make them feel valued for their work. Not only this, recognition is a significant driver for employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty.

You can appreciate the work in video conference meetings, provide certificates of excellence, or send a thank-you card for performing well. Whatever way you choose, taking some time to make the external workforce feel appreciated will drive your business goals forward.

Don’t Look For A Magic Bullet To Achieve Goals

Data science is a complex process. If the outcomes don’t work for you, data gathering and analysis should occur again. Here, patience is the key!

Have realistic expectations and discuss openly with your in-house, as well as the outsourced team. Doing so will keep the team aligned with your goals and prevent quality degradation. 

To get the best outcomes from outsourcing data science projects, be proactive in managing the relationship with your service provider. 

Communicate Effectively With Your Nearshore Partner

Healthy communication between the management and resource partners is key to the success of the outsourced project. Discuss openly what is working and what isn’t. It will help the workforce to manage the work and avoid any obstacles in the road.

Make The Outsourcing Partner Feel Like A Part Of Your Team

Nearshore partners are the external resources that assist you in different projects. Sometimes, they might feel like they aren’t directly tied to the business goals of the project. However, you can bridge this gap.

You can conduct regular meetings via video conferences. By doing so, you can provide information about the objectives. When they hear the message directly from you, it will make them feel more involved. 

Consider Data Security

After providing your partner with access to data, it’s your mutual responsibility to keep the information secure. Never deliver data to a firm that didn’t explain how it will be protected. You can preserve some of the info upfronts. For example, change the customer’s original name to the assigned IDs. 

Talk About The Industrial Knowledge

Your outsourced team may have the necessary skills and expertise to do the job. But, they might lack the industrial knowledge that is geared towards your business. As a solid understanding of the industry is necessary, determine where you can work together to boost the knowledge via training.

These are some of the secrets you must keep in mind while augmenting your staff for the next project. It will help you choose nearshore analysts for analytical data handling or remodeling work for your organization.


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