70 Mai 4K Intelligent Driving Recorder Ready For Sales For Just $102.38


The news is coming out that the 70mai 4K Intelligent Driving Recorder is available for appointment on Xiaomi Youpin. The original price of the standard configuration is 699 yuan, and the pre-sale price is 549 yuan.  The 70 Mai 4K intelligent driving recorder uses Sony IMX415 sensor, has a 1/2.8-inch starlight night vision sensor, can shoot 4K ultra-high-definition picture quality, resolution 3840×2160.

70mai 4K Driving Recorder supports the dual recording function of 1080P before 4k and back, and switch back and forth at will. 3 inches IPS high-definition screen, real-time view front and rear status. Front recording 140 wide-angle, wide field of view, easy to cover three lanes, with 130 wide-angle rear recording camera, both front and rear.

In terms of performance, 70mai 4K Driving Recorder is equipped with Huawei HiSilicon H13559 dual-core processor, has powerful computing capabilities, supports dual sensor input, and cooperates with the new image encoding output technology to process 4k ultra-high-definition image quality at high speed.

Standard GPS electronic dog function, more than a million pieces of accurate data, accurately identify road speed measurement and capture road sections, real-time voice broadcast of speed measurement, red light shooting and other monitoring, keep you away from the ticket.

70mai 4K Intelligent Driving Recorder also supports ADAS driving assistance, which can sense the surrounding environment of the vehicle, real-time voice reminder of safe driving, a reminder of the collision of the preceding car, the start of the preceding car, lane departure, etc.

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After parking, you can enter the 24-hour parking monitoring mode to continuously monitor the state of the vehicle, and automatically start video recording in the event of a collision.


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