8 Best Apps for Writer


Let’s face it: writing is not an easy task and writers at https://perfectessay.com/ often have to deal with a lot of challenges, such as meeting the deadline and maintaining the quality throughout the work. Where do I find the best writers work app? Can I get access to the best free writing apps? If you are an academic or content writer, then these questions may strike your mind once a while. The truth is that some writers get bad reviews for their works even when they are good at writing. This usually happens with the ones who are unable to meet the deadline or do not proofread and edit their papers before final submission.

Whether you have to use an app to jot down your ideas, inspirations, and thoughts or need to create poetry or outline, you would love the way the following applications work.

  1.    BRAINSTORMER – paid app for IOS

If you have been looking for creative writing apps and have already tried some writing prompts apps, then it’s time to try The Brainstormer. The experts at uk.edujungles.com recommend that it helps writes spark new ideas, combat the creative blocks and jot down their ideas and thoughts instantly. If you are willing to access this marvelous application, you will have to pay nearly $2.00, which I do not think is much for an app that provides excellent writing assistance. Even if you do not rely on the scenarios suggested by its wheel, you can still use the application to come up with excellent storylines.

  1.    MINDNODE – paid app for IOS

Are you looking for a book writing app android? You may like to try Mindnode since this application is available for IOS users at reasonable prices. It is a marvelous and one of the best mind-mapping tools. Using Mindnode, you can create an outline and can save your time and energy when you begin writing. It is used by a large number of authors and professional writers to create visual presentations of their ideas, and you can also try this app to save your precious time and energy when the writing process begins.

  1.    LIST FOR WRITERS – paid app for IOS and Android

This can be regarded as a novel writing app as it will help you create a list of important points. The Notepad option is also available in this application, and we can definitely call it one of the most popular story writing apps. One of the core advantages of this app is that it will help you build vocabulary without any need of a dictionary, so you should try it now.

  1.    SPOTIFY – paid app for IOS and Android

Spotify needs no introduction. It is one of the best blog writing apps; Spotify allows the writer to access millions of songs without any need to connect to the internet. So if you feel bored or tired while writing and have lost the internet connection, you just have to activate this app and choose from a list of ready-made and personalized songs to get amazed with. Why do I need this app while writing? Well, music is the food for the soul, and while writing something creative, you will get a lot of inspirations from the tracks Spotify will play for you.

  1.    A NOVEL IDEA – free for IOS

Writers should not focus their ideas too much or they might lose their inspiration; instead, they should try applications like A Novel Idea. One of the biggest advantages of this application is that it comes free of cost. Secondly, you can download it from the web and activate in no time. This helps writers divide their stories into short paragraphs, headings, and subheadings so that the writing is done smoothly and without any major issue or confusion.

  1.    SELF CONTROL – free for IOS

It is neither the best dictionary for writers nor like an ordinary notes-taking app. As the name indicates, Self Control is meant to help you concentrate on the work. You can download it for free on your iOS device. The app will turn off your social media accounts when you begin writing, meaning it will help you concentrate on the writing and will help you get rid of all types of distractions.

  1.    HEMINGWAY – free for web browser

Some non-native writers, it is too difficult to master the art of writing essays in English. However, Hemingway can make your work easier. You can build vocabulary, learn new words and can understand how to write quality sentences without any grammatical or spelling issue.

  1.    EVERNOTE – free for IOS and Android

Just like Spotify, Evernote is an exciting and one of the most popular applications for iOS and Android users. It helps you take notes and can save your time and energy when you start writing the essay. Professional writers have tried it, and this app is highly recommended due to being a game-changer.

It will take you many days and even weeks to become a proficient writer. The purpose of these apps is not to make you a successful writer in one night; they are only meant to help you ease the work and to allow you to earn extra cash while working at home as a freelancer.


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