8811 PRO Review – Foldable 5G FPV RC Drone at $215.99 From Gearbest


8811 PRO RC Drone comes with the latest image and video transmission technology, comes with advanced 6K wide-angle 120° adjustable camera and 720P Bottom Camera with an “Optical Flow Positioning” feature, providing high resolution and wide view that help you capture every aerial moment.

Buy 8811 PRO RC Drone From Gearbest


Designed to be portable, the 8811 PRO RC Drone features a foldable arm design, allowing for carrying anywhere on the go without hassle. The 8811 PRO RC Drone itself weighs About 445.5g with dimensions of 17*11.5*6.7CM (folding); 26*26*6.7CM (unfolding). The battery is modular in design and easy to replace and replace. The high-energy-density lithium battery boosts power and delivers 28 minutes of flight time. The high-resolution 6K camera with a wide-angle 120° adjustable angle captures the most beautiful scenery and offers super sharp image, giving you an extraordinary journey. This makes it easier, more space-saving and safer to transport. Foldable drones are currently very popular, so it is not surprising that more and more folding drones are on the market.

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8811 PRO RC Drone is a multifunctional drone comes with a 6K high definition camera that can take ultra-clear photos and videos. A Dual Camera allows you to take photos & video in 6K Ultra-HD Resolution from a wide variety of creative angles. Record from both cameras/angles simultaneously with split-screen filming or alternate between front and bottom cams All pictures/videos are instantly and wirelessly transferred/stored directly on your smartphone’s photo album. Also, with 1 press of a button, you can easily share the amazing drone footage you captured using Email, Twitter, SMS, Facebook, etc.

Meanwhile, 8811 PRO RC Drone has much more powerful functions; for you to experience and play in your own creative way. The optical flow position is mount in the horizontal direction. And the air pressure is set at a high altitude to achieve stable flying, making the picture clearer. The mobile phone receives images by remote transmission allows you to view the aerial image with true colour. It is ideal for filming a designated spot or simply to look around. The real-time transmission distance reaches to 1000m.

Dual positioning systems help the drone flying stably and shooting clearly. 120-degree adjustable steering gear and 6K High-definition wide-angle camera tune amazingly; to capture stunning sharp and vivid images with expansive backgrounds. The 8811 PRO RC Drone has an 11.4V 2850mAh Li-ion battery that’s enough to fly up to 28 minutes. Given that the process of charging batteries for about 4 hours, it is worth thinking about additional batteries.


8811 PRO RC Drone has a perfect foldable design, lightweight and flexible blades; make the drone small and portable, convenient to carry whenever in travelling or other outdoor activities. We can buy it from Gearbest at $215.99 in Flash Sale.

Buy 8811 PRO RC Drone From Gearbest


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