8Bitdo NES30 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller Incredible Sale at @ZAPALS (Sale Link Inside)


The NES30 Pro Controller is manufactured by 8Bitdo, a Chinese company which specializes in retro-styled Bluetooth controller. Aside from the NES30 Pro Controller which is a strange crossover between the classic SNES and NES controller, 8Bitdo also offers controllers inspired from the Famicom, NES, Super Famicom and SNES controllers.

The 8Bitdo NES30 Pro Game Controller look of black and gray with the red buttons. While the inspiration is where the controller is noticeably smaller which works well given that this is a controller you’d want with you on the go. Size aside, two small analog sticks are also located on the front of the controller much like the Playstation controller design although these sticks are also reduced in size to fit the compact design.

The 8Bitdo NES30 Pro Game Controller feels pretty solid and well put together. The buttons themselves are somewhat stiff and have a strong clicking sound to them when pressed. Some people might prefer this over soft press buttons but I feel that with enough wear these buttons might get stuck in the pressed position.

the controller with a Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as hooked it up to my PC to try different types of games on Steam.For playing any kind of rooms on your phone or tablet, the controller works perfectly. It’s much easier to play classic games using an actual controller versus a touchscreen and the controller is small enough that you can slip it in your pocket and take it on the go. The controller can also emulate touchscreen controls so that you can use the NES30 Pro with any mobile game as well.

The 8Bitdo NES30 Pro Game Controller is a nice looking controller and if you’re a collector of Nintendo themed products, this might make a cool addition to your collection. It’s a nice compact controller for anyone looking to enhance their mobile gaming experience on the go. If you’re just looking to buy something to play games on Steam, however, steer clear of this one.8Bitdo NES30 Pro Game Controller is available at ZAPALS on flash sale at just of $23.99, and ZAPALS also start a Chrismas Gifts Sale on Smartwatch and Jewellery, in this sale you can get the best deal on smartwatches and jewelry for a gift someone.


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