A Guide to Find Legit iPhone Wholesale Suppliers


In today’s world of advanced technology and gadgets, the Apple iPhone stands apart. Each year, when Apple announces a new model, people flock to the stores in droves to get themselves the company’s latest offering. It is no wonder that Apple enjoys a 47 percent market share of smartphones in the U.S.

The Used iPhone Market

The above figures are for new iPhones; however, there is a bigger, thriving secondary market. It’s the used iPhones market or the iPhone wholesale market, where millions of iPhones are sold every day.

Most people, who are crazy after buying every new model released by Apple, sell their sparingly used, almost new-looking phones and go for the latest model available in the market. This craze for the latest model ensures a steady supply of used iPhones that are of superior quality.

Identifying the Right Source

However, the trick lies in sourcing such used phones from the market, as having ample stock of the popular models drives customers your way. That is when small dealers turn to iPhone wholesale suppliers who are reliable and trustworthy.

Any small dealer who wants to operate in the secondary electronics market needs to have a dependable iPhone supplier who can supply an array of models, regardless of the quantity. Secondary iPhone dealers need a regular supplier who can replenish their stocks year-on-year, especially during the holiday season.

Beware of Fraudsters

Any popular brand that sells in large numbers is subject to fraud. The last thing any small-time secondary iPhone dealer would want is being caught up with shady wholesalers (or those who call themselves so), rotten deals, and any such activity that can only spell trouble in the darker side of the tech world. In short, the future of small iPhone businesses hangs on tying up with a reliable iPhone wholesale supplier because even one rotten deal can put you out of business for good.

Resources to Find Reputable Suppliers

Where does one look to find reputable suppliers they can bank on for a steady supply of genuine used iPhones? If you don’t know how to look, it’s like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Searches may show results that include a few private sellers or some websites about the genuineness of which you have no idea. However, this isn’t exactly the best way to find a reputable iPhone wholesale supplier.

You are probably looking for an iPhone supplier who can supply in bulk at the shortest notice.  In other words, you need to look for a dependable B2B supplier who has the right connections in the used-phone market.

Are Directories an Option?

Do you remember the days of the Yellow Pages? The wholesale directories are something similar where you’ll find never-ending lists of suppliers (most of their phone numbers don’t exist, nor do their addresses). This exercise can only leave you a lot more frustrated than when you started with the list.  You will undoubtedly find a few valid phone numbers, and you may try calling them. However, how successful you’ll be is a million-dollar question.

Can you Trust Forums?

Forums are certainly a great option, and you may want to look up a few groups, join some and engage in discussions. Such exercises will educate you more about the used iPhone market and the perils lurking within. However, you can’t expect to get much more than information from any forum or group, though the information you gather will be worthwhile.

Dealing with Reliable iPhone wholesalers

Your best bet probably is dealing with reliable iPhone wholesalers. However, just getting the name of the supplier is not enough. There’s a bit of due diligence called for on your part unless you want to risk some hard-earned money on a wild goose chase.

Intense research is the only way to establish the credentials of a wholesale supplier of used iPhones. You could inquire in the market and look for reviews and references and check out their history before deciding. Legitimate companies are never perturbed by small dealers asking questions and inquiring about their genuineness.

Placing a Sample Order

Placing a small sample order can’t hurt you, and what’s more, is that you’ll get to know the supplier better. You may have to provide some personal details and create an account before you can place an order. That’s how established companies work, unlike shady fly-by-night operators who promise the stars and vanish into thin air.

Almost everyone is aware of the thriving used iPhone market and that millions of such smartphones are sold every day. However, small traders need to be cautious about whom they deal with as the used electronics markets is an area that most people find challenging to understand.  It is advisable to deal with established, reputed companies, even if the price is slightly higher.


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