A new Rendering of iPhone 15 Flip Smartphone Reveals


The folding screen, once not promising, with more and more manufacturers into the market, seems to have a place in the market.

At present, there are two main product forms of folding screen, one is the small folding of clamshell, and the other is the large folding of transverse folding.

According to DSCC screen expert Ross Young, Apple could even release the first foldable iPhone Flip as early as next year.

Artist 4RMD has created a series of renderings of iPhone 15 Flip based on the latest revelations, and he expects Apple to start with an industrial design with a clamshell folding.

According to the rendering, the Flip has a 6.8-inch Retina XDR display that can be folded 200,000 times and has a small external sub-screen that displays the time, notifications, and more.

The inner screen of Lingdong Island is naturally preserved, can be said to be full of fruit.

The back uses a diagonal layout of the dual camera, the main camera is 48 million pixels, the secondary camera is 12 million pixels.

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While some of Apple’s innovations aren’t evident in the rendering, there’s growing evidence that the iPhone isn’t averse to borrowing from Android these days, is there?


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