DAJA DJ6 Laser Engraver Review: Design, Features, Review


Laser engraving technology has evolved steadily in recent years, and newer models are smaller and cheaper than ever. The DAJA DJ6 Engraver is one of the smallest and most affordable laser engravers to date, with a compact form reminiscent of a mini coffee machine.


The compact design reminds me of a small coffee machine. Its small footprint means ready-to-use shelving can be easily stored or stored neatly. The company has also developed an open design which means that even small laser-capable objects can be placed in or under the machine. You can set it up quickly. Just take it out of the box, power up the plug-in, and you’re done. You will also need to install the software on the selected device.


First of all, it is equipped with a 3,000mW laser capable of cutting specialized paper, felt, and wood up to 1.5mm thick. It may not sound like much, but a printer of this size is quite impressive and would be very attractive to model makers and craftsmen. The open design is another feature that will appeal to many as it allows you to place larger items under the laser for etching and cutting.

A common feature of entry-level laser engravers is a manual focus laser and the ability to move the laser into position using the machine’s directional buttons. After opening, the laser is pre-focused, so in most cases, you only need to focus when using different thicknesses of material.


Its advantage over larger laser engravers is a full-featured app. This app allows you to load or create etching content. The app is available for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows, but currently, only Android and Windows versions are available. Once the app is installed, turn on your mobile Wi-Fi hotspot using the password given in the DAJA documentation, wait a second or two for it to connect, and you’re all set and ready.

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