A Quick Guide on How to Protect Your Phone Screen


Around 85% of Americans own a smartphone. It’s almost non-negotiable these days. GPS, messaging, and two-factor authentication make it an essential device for everyday life.

It’s almost unbelievable how expensive and necessary smartphones are yet they are so fragile. If you crack your phone screen, not only do you need to pay for phone repair but you’re also without your phone until it’s fixed. And if it’s broken beyond repair, you have to get a new phone which is even more expensive!

You should do whatever you can to protect your smartphone screen and avoid the hassle. Lucky for you, this guide has all the phone protection tips you need to keep your phone screen intact.

Apply a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Getting a cracked screen is one of the most common ways that people damage their phone screen. You can avoid this by applying a tempered glass screen protector.

These are thin pieces of glass that stick over your smartphone screen like a transparent suit of armor. They’re available to fit every phone model imaginable.

Invest in a Bumper Phone Case

A robust phone case is another thing you can put on your phone like a suit of armor to protect the screen. But don’t get any old flimsy plastic phone case. There are plenty of waterproof, drop-proof, and life-proof cases available.

And there are brand phone cases, like Samsung cases, that will find the exact model of smartphone you have. This is vital because generic smartphone cases aren’t as effective at protecting your phone screen.

Use Phone Holders and Rests

Where do you put your phone when you’re not holding it? Do you prop it up against precarious mugs of coffee to watch TV shows? Do you balance it on a rock or a tree to take vacation photos?

Stop doing this! You’re far more likely to damage your phone screen if you do not use proper phone holders.

Get a small smartphone stand so you can watch TV on your device. Use a phone tripod when taking photos of yourself to stop it from falling over instead.

Consider a Pop Socket

Some people are born clumsy. For whatever reason, they trip and drop things they’re holding all the time. If that’s you, consider getting a pop socket.

These are small, circular pieces of plastic with an adhesive you can attach to the back of your phone. They will “pop” out when you want to use them and lie flat when you don’t.

You can hold them with your index and middle finger when using your phone or taking selfies. They make it much more difficult for your phone to slip out of your hand so your screen won’t crack.

Protect Your Phone Screen to Protect Your Investment

Smartphones cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Fixing a damaged phone screen isn’t cheap or quick. But now you know how to lessen the chances of that happening, you can continue to enjoy your device without inconveniencing yourself.

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