A rising star, the AGM company and three flagships on par with Galaxy S8


Since AGM launched its first flagship AGM X1, this rugged devices manufacturer and the handset have gained many attentions even in the saturated mobiles market, the AGM company breaks the new ground by making the AGM X1 become the first outdoor smartphone with dual camera that has lately become the touted feature of many smartphones, thanks to high specs and IP68 rating, the phone has capability of competing many other high-end smartphones.

You may never hear of this company before, ahead of the AGM X1, the first smartphone of AGM named the Rock V5 was released in Euro in 2012, meanwhile they have mainly provided some huge companies with contract manufacturing of rugged devices after establishing manufacturer in China. After a few years of development, following the rugged high-end AGM X1 release, AGM launched some budget rugged devices with IP68 rating as well including AGM A8, AGM A2 Rio, AGM M1.

In addition, there are three stunning flagships with super powerful hardware which are even able to be on par with the latest smartphones of Samsung and of Apple will be unveiled soon, in the video clip below, you can get to check out a brief history of AGM and the specs of three monsters– the AGM X2, X2 PRO and X2 MAX.

If you are interested in AGM handsets, now you have chance to pay just $9.9 to get an AGM phone because of the promotional event they just started, and also there are some discounts of all the products, for more details you can visit here or the AGM official site for all info.


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