A simple review on VidPaw downloader: Why it is the best one


YouTube is the most popular video streaming site in the world. With almost 100 million daily viewers, no one can compete with it, at least for now. Almost every second several new videos are uploaded and tens of thousands of videos are downloaded, making it on the top five sites with the most traffic in the world. Today, downloading videos from YouTube is “one of the most common activities” but not everyone can do it. Not everyone knows the right tool for downloading videos from YouTube.

There are several tools available to make it easier for everyone to download videos from YouTube but most of them are quite difficult to use and unfortunately, most of them are not free. This article will explain to you about VidPaw, a free online video download tool that can be used to download videos from YouTube.

Why does VidPaw have to be?

There are a number of reasons why VidPaw deserves to be ranked first in the most recommended online video downloaders.

VidPaw is free

You don’t need to pay a penny to use VidPaw services. In some other online video download tools, you can’t survive in free conditions. You can forget the annoying monthly or annual subscription fees.

Without complexity

No need to think hard to download. You can download various YouTube contents without hassle. Forget about the times when you have to think hard just to fail. Forget complicated downloaders as they are just wasting your time.

Works not only for YouTube

If you think that this downloader only works on YouTube, you are wrong. VidPaw works on various sites that load video streaming content. VidPaw works very well on Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo and many other websites! You can check the list of sites supported by VidPaw and if you find your destination site is not on the list, you can request this great downloader to support the site! It is clear to us that VidPaw is a download service that allows active interaction between users and site managers.

Three different ways to download

Now we go to how we can download videos online with VidPaw! Curious? Just keep reading!

1. Open the target site and copy the URL

You can open Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and so on. Go directly to your favorite video and get the URL. Paste the URL in the download address bar of the VidPaw Main Page. Then press “Start” and the video will be processed by the server immediately. You will be given a choice of audio and video formats, select the format you like and press “Download”.


  1. Add “paw” to each target URL

    Just find the URL of your favorite video and add “paw” in it. For example, your URL is: https://youtube.com/watch?j=7abcd95. Add “paw” so that it becomes https://youtubepaw.com/watch?j=7abcd95. Easy enough right?

    3. Using browser extensions

    The third way is to use browser extensions. This method is the fastest method and is compatible with several well-known browsers such as Safari, Chrome and of course Firefox. You need to install the extension first. Don’t worry because it’s available on Windows and Mac. For more stable performance, we recommend the Tampermonkey extension. This is the most popular script manager operating through third parties. Tampermonkey is available for Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

    After Tampermonkey is installed, you must click the hot VidPaw extension button to start installing the VidPaw Extension. After that, go to your favorite video and start downloading it.

VidPaw is the best free downloader and is very compatible with various Android devices. Most similar downloaders are only able to work on PCs; therefore, VidPaw is the most practical download option so far. If you want more info you can visit its official site, https://www.vidpaw.com/. Hopefully this article is useful for you.


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