A teardown of the UMi Super reveals a phone that’s easily repaired


The UMi Super having been launched,Has been praised by fans and critics alike for its performance ,whats under the hood and its design, all at a bargain basement price. But like everything, did any corners have to be cut to keep the costs down, so everyone could enjoy this device?

Apparently so, with the fragility of the charging port. Fortunately for everyone this is easily repairable and UMI have uploaded a video to show us exactly how its done. Take a look at the video below to see how to disassemble and repair the UMi Super in case anything does go wrong.

The video shows us how to remove the screws,then, after removing nearly all the screws, the owner can get access to, and then remove the module containing the charging port,the 13MP rear shooter and the 4,000mAh battery.Umi-super-teardown-3-768x430
The great news is that the UMi Super  charging port can be removed and repaired easily, just in case the port is damaged.Umi-super-teardown-1-768x433



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