A1S Smartwatch Design, Features, Performance Review


The A1S Smartwatch is a hands-free, two-way communication smart watch device that makes your wrist smarter. It works perfectly for those of us who regularly check calls, SMS notifications over a smartphone or wants to fit in everyday life as well because the device also offers features like sleep monitoring, pedometer and more. It is a smartwatch people might actually want to wear.

Features and Design

Coming to the device and build quality, the square display with rounded around the edges separates it from the round devices competition. In terms of look and feel, the device is slick, thin and look more like an Apple watch. If you are looking for an Apple watch alternative (in terms of only design) this is your first and the best option to go with. The A1S watch is relatively thin and reasonably light at 1.30 cm, respectively. The brushed stainless steel back looks pretty nice, and the band is made of Nano-silicone. For leather strap haters, it is a good alternative.

The A1S Watch is undoubtedly an excellent device that incorporates a IPS display with 240×240 pixel. The processor is unavailable and it has 32MB RAM which we think is enough to handle the features it offer, and the on-board storage capacity holds at 32 MB. Coming to additional features the watch packs Sleep monitor, Pedometer and Sedentary reminder. The strap is made of Nano-Silicone, which is soft and holds comfortable grip.


At a price range of just $23.97, it’d not be fair enough to expect very much in a device but still we must say that the display is really worthy feature, as it offers great readability in sunlight. You can wear this wearable in anytime, it won’t create any uncomfortable feel even when you are in sleeping. The watch has a sleep monitoring features, it lets you know your sleep quality and helps you to develop sleeping habits.


This A1S Smartwatch is really a best buy if you are a type that likes to tweak and customize your gadgets, and if you are ready to start your customization. Still you can order it and have it right away when it arrives at the shop and if you use our coupon code GB9% , you will be able to get it for only $22.05!


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