AAO YG650 LED 1080p Projector For Just $249.99 [Coupon Deal]


AAO YG650 LED Projector is a multimedia FULL HD (1920x1080P) projector with a low brightness of 7000 lumens. The price is not only a vidminny option for a home cinema but the first attachment, which can be used for presentations, showing video in conference rooms, in the main auditoriums. Pull-down LED dzherelo lights to allow you to color the details of the image with a wide color tone for the auxiliary projector AAO YG650.

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The body of the AAO YG650 is made of black, matte plastic, only a part of the upper surface is covered with a gray plastic plate. When looking at the device from above, in addition to the gray plastic cover, we see touch-sensitive control buttons (Up/Down/Left/Right/Ok/Back) equipped with neon illumination, as well as a part of the lens housing, on which the Full HD 1080P inscription flaunts. A part of the back surface is also made of matte plastic, but the platform where the control modules and interface connectors are located is made of black, glossy plastic. On the back, you can find a keystone wheel with a built-in on/off switch for the projector.


The AAO YG650 is powered by the Android 9.0 operating system, which cannot be called new, but it is still quite rare in projectors. The presence of the Android operating system onboard the device initially favorably distinguishes this device against the background of its younger brothers, namely, in the presence of the appropriate codecs (you need to download and install on the device).

The device is able to cope with the playback of almost any multimedia file. Moreover, the presence of the Android operating system provides the ability to install various kinds of applications that are designed for online viewing of multimedia content, thereby eliminating the need to write files to external media for further viewing on a projector.

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Where To Buy

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Coupon Code: BGNA9735

Buy AAO YG650 Projector at $235.99 on Banggood Buy AAO YG650 at $249.99 on Aliexpress


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