ACEPC GK1 Intel Gemini Lake J4105 4GB DDR4 + 32GB ROM Mini PC Offered For $169.99


Mini PCs are very popular nowadays. The main reason why they overtop regular desktop PCs is the space they occupy and the price they are sold at. You can buy a mini PC priced at 0 and turn your monitor into a full-featured PC. This is the easiest way to acquire a computer without spending much. Moreover, there are too many manufacturers and too many products you can choose from. But you have to be an expert to select the right model that will meet your requirements the best. Today we are going to introduce you a mid-range mini PC coming our way from a popular brand specializing in manufacturing and developing popular consumer electronics for global users. Do not know why the company promotes its mini PCs as TV boxes as well, but we are dealing with a real mini PC that is ready to compete with any mode in the market. The ACEPC GK1 Mini PC has got a price off and now you can acquire it for a very cheap price.

Usually, when we talk about a TV box, we assume it should be packed with an Amlogic or a Realtek chip. These chipsets are made especially for media boxes that turn your TV into a smart TV. They mainly run on Android. But the ACEPC GK1 Mini PC is a regular mini PC, which simply means we should see an Intel processor. Fortunately, the manufacturer thinks identically. This product is packed with an Intel Gemini Lake J4105 quad-core CPU, which is seen on many laptops. It’s been made for ‘classic’ tablet PCs and ultrabooks. So it doesn’t face any problem with multitasking.

Though the memory option it comes with isn’t anything astonishing, it’s quite sufficient not to run out of memory. The ACEPC GK1 Mini PC is packed with a 4GB of LPDDR3 RAM and 32GB of internal storage. If you think the flash storage is not sufficient, there is a TF card slot to expand it up to 2TB. But currently, no one worries about the storage, because everything is stored in the clouds. So this capacity should be used for system and program files only.

Like all other mid-range mini PCs, the ACEPC GK1 Mini PC runs on Windows 10. There are a number of advantages coming with the latest OS for Microsoft. Say, it’s got DirectX 12, which provides high-frame rates for future games; Cortana, a virtual personal assistant has made her way to the OS; general stability and performance have been greatly increased; Virtual Desktop, etc.

The ACEPC GK1 Mini PC is currently available on Gearbest for $169.99.


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