Acer and Microsoft are Building Windows MR Headset Coming Next Half Year


It is said that the latest VR headset of Acer is powered by Inside-out tracking function. Acer VR headset will be released in the next half year.

In Next@Acer activity held by Acer, it has provided limited technology devices, one of the most outstanding products is the latest Mixed Reality headset. Currently, Acer and Microsoft has cooperated to release Windows Mixed reality devoper kits. And it starts to ship from March, and they want to play its role by this kind of ways.

The project supervisor, Mark Bolas in charge of Windows Mixed Reality claims that the new product aims at making the physical world and digital world mixed so as to create the new environment, which sounds like HoloLens, but it is produced by Acer. They both have not leaked the further information, but we know they have made big efforts in producing this kind of product.

The latest Acer VR headset supports inside-out tracking, the inner device will not be integrated in CPU, GPU, RAM, ETC. However, Acer headset will be equipped with 6 depth of field tracking sensor, so as to capture the layout of the environment accurately. Although HoloLens can provide physical interaction by Camera penetration technology, but Acer device will not have this kind of function, so it is a little improper to define the new VR headset as Windows MR.

But the only proof to prove it should be the MR headset is the dual camera on the front of the headset, besides, it added accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and proximity sensors. But Acer has not unveiled the details about the VR headset.

Currently we can not be sure Acer VR headset belongs to VR or MR, one is for sure that it will aim at those consumers who have needs. Acer VR/MR headset will be released in the next half year, stay tuned.


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