ACGAM AG6X TKL Review: An Extremely Compact Keyboard with Mechanical Push Button


This time we bring you a brand that makes its debut in IGeekPhone, it’s ACGAM. In the catalog of this brand focused on gaming, we find an interesting amount of peripherals, including keyboards, mice or mousepads. His cover letter in IGeekPhone is a TKL keyboard with an extremely reduced format ideal to take him as a travel companion to any side. We refer to the ACGAM AG6X TKL, which among its outstanding features offers white backlighting and mechanical push buttons. Before we begin we want to thank ACGAM for giving the ACGAM AG6X TKL for Review.


Let’s see the data provided by the manufacturer about this ACGAM AG6X TKL.

As we can see the keyboard is built with a mixture of aluminum and abs which makes it resistant but lightweight with a weight of only 564 grams. The buttons chosen are the Gaote/OUTEMU in its blue variant, which guarantees a useful life of about 50 million pulses. Its response time is 3ms and it has a complete anti-ghosting system. Something that does not square us is that here we see USB 2.0 connection while on the keyboard we find a USB 3.1 Type-C reversible as you will see later.


Once we have seen the technical specifications, it is time to see how it is presented to us. As you can see, the presentation of this ACGAM AG6X TKL is very minimalist, since we are dealing with a neutral packaging in which we only find the name of the keyboard on the front. In the back, we find some information is not relevant,

while inside we see the keyboard covered in a protective plastic accompanied by the accessories that in this case are the manual, the key extraction tool, the CD with software and the USB type C connection cable.

Accessories and Contents

  • 1x keyboard
  • 1x Keycap remover
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Installation Disk
  • 1x USB Cable


And it’s time to tell you all that this little keyboard has to offer us. For starters, we are facing a device that has such a small dimension of 29.3 x 10.3 x 4 cm which makes your space on our desk is minimal. Also with a weight of only 564 grams allows us to put it in the backpack to enjoy a mechanical keyboard anywhere, with the improvement that is compared to a laptop keyboard.

This ACGAM AG6X TKL has OUTEMU push buttons, which is a cheaper version than the cherry that other mechanical keyboards usually use. The variant chosen has been the blue version, which is the most indicated for typing by its mechanism of action and which has the characteristic click making it the noisiest of all. Despite being a mechanism focused on writing, it operates perfectly in the gaming field, making its choice more a matter of taste than a palpable difference in performance.

The keyboard has a stylish housing finished in two-tone. The upper portion is matte black while the bottom portion has a shine on it. Resultantly it is also a fingerprint magnet but given that they have implemented the shiny side at the bottom, it is a wise move as it would seldom come in touch with the fingers. There is a white color top plate covering the PCB and resting between the switches and the PCB. This white color plate gives a dope look with the black color keycaps and white backlight. The white color top plate runs from corner to corner covering every inch of the top side of the keyboard. There is a slight gap between the keycaps and the border. The border is raised from the edges making the keys look to be like inset design. The top raised portion is again shiny black.

Due to its small dimensions, all the keys that have been omitted, have been integrated seamlessly into the keyboard thanks to the use of an FN function key that will allow us to enable additional buttons, making it possible, among others, to control multimedia playback, the brightness of the lighting or use the F1-F12 keys. There are dedicated keys for multimedia that work in tandem with the Fn key. A below-mentioned table is showing the combination keys and their stated outcome when pressed along with Fn key.

Key Combination Function
Fn + Win Locks/Unlocks the Windows key
Fn + 1 F1
Fn + 2 F2
Fn + 3 F3
Fn + 4 F4
Fn + 5 F5
Fn + 6 F6
Fn + 7 F7
Fn + 8 F8
Fn + 9 F9
Fn + 10 F10
Fn + 11 F11
Fn + 12 F12
Fn + Tab Press this combination for 5 seconds till the lights go out and keyboard is reset to the factory settings.
Fn + Q Mute/Unmute the volume
Fn + W Increase the Volume
Fn + E Decreases the Volume
Fn + R Previous Track
Fn + T Play/Pause
Fn + Y Next Track
Fn + U Increases the brightness of the LED lighting
Fn + I Decreases the brightness of the LED lighting
Fn + O Cycles between the Backlighting effects
Fn + P LED Backlighting On/Off
Fn + [{ Print Screen
Fn + ]} Page Break
Fn + |\ Insert
Fn + L Scroll Lock
Fn + ;: Page Up
Fn + ’” Page Down
Fn + ,< Home
Fn + .> End
Fn + /? Up Arrow
Fn + Alt Left Arrow
Fn + ≡ Down Arrow
Fn + Ctrl Right Arrow
Fn + Esc ~
Fn + Backspace Del

Features & Performance

Regarding the gaming section, this ACGAM AG6X TKL has some interesting functions. The first and most remarkable is a macro recording system “on the fly” that will allow assigning any key to perform certain actions very useful depending on the type of game we are using and the second a complete Anti-Ghosting system that will detect any pulsation of the keyboard regardless of the number of keys pressed. This can be done thanks to the software that includes that will allow us to make any changes to this keyboard, getting a very interesting customization.

Being a backlit keyboard, thanks to the software mentioned above, we can choose what animation to use to dispense with the buttons that are predetermined for it and thus enable these buttons for other functions, since we can customize the entire keyboard. A detail that I personally liked this ACGAM AG6X TKL is the lighting section, away from the RGB and opting for a white lighting, which gives a more elegant and serious finish. In short, all a success on the part of the manufacturer.

We continue to test this keyboard in depth, for this, we are now going to focus on a section that has surprised us and is the choice of a fixed height for it. This means that we will not have the classic legs that allow us to raise the keyboard according to our tastes and leaves it relegated to a fixed height that some may not like at all. It is something that personally surprises me because depending on the type of use that I will give the keyboard, I prefer a height or another, although it may be due to its small size and lightness that has been chosen by this system to ensure a better anchoring to the desk. It also has anti-slip on the bottom that allows it to not move while we are using it when we play.

To finish, the connection is made using a USB cable type-C to connect the keyboard, something that we find strange if we see that the specifications I indicate in the connection is USB 2.0. This is a plus since the wiring, completely meshed, adapts to the new demands of consumers and improves the transfer of data between keyboard and pc, achieving a polling rate of 3ms, something that the most demanding will not see with good eyes, but that to the majority of the users it can seem an unimportant detail to him.


The small keyboard ACGAM AG6X TKL has left us with a good taste. It is true that it has a format that may not like any (more if we see that they enter is in American format), but to all of us who love this type of keyboards, it is currently the most economical option and with a quality that It makes us unable to stop using it. The lighting section looks great and the finishes, in general, are very good, that is why from iGeekPhone, we want to award the Recommended Product and Quality / Price awards to the ACGAM AG6X TKL. If you want to do with it, now you have it on Aliexpress for only $33..35


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