ACGAM Gaming Mouse and Mouse Pad Review Best For Your Gaming Rig


Always looking for new gaming products to make your PC workstation perfect? Then here’s a Cheap ACGAM Gaming Mouse and ACGAM Gaming Mouse Pad that includes all strictly with RGB backlighting. In recent days we have been testing an ACGAM Gaming Mouse, and ACGAM Gaming Pad From ACGAM. These are illuminated peripherals that give your gaming station a really remarkable class touch, especially in the evening as the peripherals illuminate the darkness of the desk in aesthetically unbelievable colors. But without losing any further time, let’s dive into the review of these products, compatible with all operating systems.


ACGAM, Named after ACTION GAME, is a new brand focusing on gaming products, such as Gaming Keyboards, Mouse Pads, Gaming Mice, Mouse Bungee, Gamepad, Computer Cases, Gaming Headsets and etc. With the principle of creativity, Acgam team pays much attention to applying the most advanced technology and professional knowledge into manufacturing products. For each product series, their designers and engineers have studied how customers use their gaming devices, and then focus on how to create a better user experience for them—-more comfortable, more interesting, more efficient, more convenient and more enjoyable. The manufacturer called ACGAM which seems to be the gaming brand has Collaborated with Geekbuy (GeekBuying) E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Mouse RGB ACGAM G502

Technical specifications:

  • Interchangeable side plates
  • DPI adjustment up to 4000 (1000/1600/2400/3200/4000)
  • Adjustable RGB LIGHTS
  • 7 Programmable Buttons
  • USB Refresh rate: 1000 Hz
  • Acceleration: 20 G
  • Cord Length: 1,8 M
  • Dimensions: 121 × 69 × 41 mm
  • Interface: USB 2, 3
  • Tracking Speed: 100 IPS
  • Net Weight: 98.7 ± 10 g
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 98/2000 / ME / NT / XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10 / Mac OS

Unboxing & Design

The box itself is made of plastic with the logo of the brand. On the back side of which is a sticker with a description of the main Specification. The appearance of the box was much more solid design inside.

You can see the address of GeekBuying and the address of the official ACGAM site on the Backside in the description of the main Specification.

We opened the box and found the Protective sponge material on top of the Box Cover. Included in the box you’ll find the mouse itself, driver CD, instruction manual, and a pair of interchangeable side mounts.

The USB plug is gold-plated. Cable is mesh type and it is standard hardness.

The top Side of the mouse is made of matte black plastic It does not seem to be rubber coating. Side surface is a similar process. Although the atmosphere is like being conscious of IE 3.0 around the shape, the side panels for replacement make side skirts like so making it a bit like an original mouse when you replace it.

Those initially put in are a typical, generic model that you just discover in most inexpensive mice, whereas the alternate set to me is extra comfy because it permits me to grip and transfer the mouse a lot simpler.

Evidently, I switched them instantly. Simply a few magnets maintain them on, however, I’ve but to have it come aside on me, in order that they work very effectively and are very straightforward to vary.

There are two side buttons on the left side. There is a feeling of pressing like Omron rather than Pacopako type. The left and right main buttons will definitely be China Omron.

It is on the right side. It feels like holding the mouse body … Since it is a removable side panel specification, there is a sense of rattling somewhat, but it does not matter. The LED is a beautiful light emission as you can see.

It seems that it can be said to be a design that holds a key point.

It is a beautiful curve composition.

The side surface and the top surface seem to be the same Matte Finished. I feel the Very Comfortable in my hands. Just feeling chilled.

There are two DPI switching buttons on the top. I think that you can probably allocate other functions with software. This feeling is not a cheap press feeling but a high-quality feeling.

Cable connection is also standard.

The bottom of a simple feeling. It is a thing with Teflon sole and it is visible in the image because it does not peel off the protective seal. Grooves are also attached so that exchange is easy.

I will exchange the side panel. It is a fixed type with a powerful magnet type.

The left side has a short skirt. It is a feeling that holders are much better than those who had this.

On the right side is grooved machining with little finger and ring finger. Although the tip of little finger touches mouse pad, it is not bad.


The software is in English. It is not a common general purpose type of software. It’s pretty simple feeling. Incidentally, the manual also has Japanese notation, it seems to be a completely global product, so there is no any Chinese Word. There are detailed setting items on the right side.

Most mice at this worth vary don’t include their very own software program for altering your mouse settings. This one does, which positively provides it an edge over the competitors. The software program labored positive and all of my settings stayed when rebooting the pc. There are preset colors for the mouse that you would be able to select from that may be personalized, and you can even change the color of the mouse that represents your DPI to match the opposite coloration settings you select. I favored having six choices to select from for my DPI, although I solely used two or three of them at max. Simply having the choice is good.

The mouse labored very effectively with each every single day use and gaming. I used to be very shocked at how effectively it carried out given its price ticket. There was no hesitation when clicking the mouse buttons, and the 2 aspect buttons are positioned in an excellent spot for simple use. It glided effectively over my mouse pad, although I’m noticing some put on already on the underside pads. I’m not sure whether or not or not this has to do with the exhausting mouse pad or the standard of the pads on the mouse itself, however I’d advocate ACGAM to buff up the standard on these backside pads, particularly if they need them used with their very own mouse pad, they usually have a really stable product within the G502 gaming mouse.

ACGAM P09 Mouse Pad

we now have the mouse pad. I had by no means seen a mouse pad that lit up earlier than, and that’s what actually caught my eye with this entire set. Not solely that, that is the primary exhausting mouse pad that I’ve used, although I had seen them earlier than. Similar to with most smooth mouse pads, this has rubber on the underside to maintain it from sliding across the desk.

If you would like coloration, you’ll need to plug it right into a USB port. That’s one thing to bear in mind in case you have a pc with restricted USB ports. There are not any drivers for the mouse pad. You press the spot that appears like a fingerprint and it modifications between a number of stable colors and some rainbow variations. Should you maintain scrolling via the designs and you can even flip it fully off, which was obligatory because it didn’t flip off when the pc did. The mouse and keyboard would, however for some purpose, the mouse pad wouldn’t. Due to the lighting, there’s a raised space on the highest of the mouse pad that may be annoying in case you catch your mouse twine on it.

The mouse pad itself labored very effectively. I’m nonetheless up within the air about whether or not or not I want the smooth or exhausting model of a mouse pad, however no matter my choice, the pad labored simply pretty much as good for gaming because the one I used earlier than. I do marvel like I discussed above if the rougher texture of the mouse pad would trigger further put on and tear on a mouse.


The mouse is a very important part of a PC gamer. ACGAM G502 is also illuminated at the edges but with fewer customization possibilities. Both sides of the mouse are detachable and replaceable by two interchangeable fins. Also, this product is remarkably easy to use, just plug in the USB (here again from 2.0) to the USB port of your pc and with two simple clicks, you will immediately use it. In the box, we find a pair of fins completely smooth and another pair with comfortable fingers. You can configure your mouse with different settings for high-speed gaming with an acceleration of up to 20G. The mouse provides 6 different dpi settings: 800/1200/1600/2400/3200/4000, 500 dpi and 4000 dpi sensitivity. Finally, you can configure 7 keys on the mouse. The ACGAM G502 can be purchased at this link. If you do not have a CD player to install drivers, you can download them from the site at this link.

ACGAM P09 Mouse Pad is fantastic backlit gaming mat. The P09 measures 35x25x0.36 cm, a size that allows the player to move wide during his playing sessions. The beauty of this accessory is all in the multicolored backlight of the keyboard. You can change the color of the mat with 9 combinations thanks to a comfortable touch button that is located at the top of the product center. This fascinating accessory is also found on Amazon here. The underside features non-slip rubber buffers that ensure excellent stability. The top surface instead comes with a micro hard coating that improves precision and speed in order to have greater control. Also, to turn on the lighting needs to be connected via the USB 2.0 attack without having to download any drivers. If you are interested You can find more Store Here for buying


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