ACIL H1 Earbuds Giveaway and Coupon Code ( $10000 Value in Total)


The market widely used the saying, that says: “You pay for what you get.” luckily, there are several firms which will contradict this accord and provide a nice price for much less money than other companies. One of the best examples is Xiaomi in the smartphone market and ACIL in the headphones market. Its H1 Earbuds is perfectly integrated 3 crucial factors which are the comfort, superb sound quality, and the affordable price. The ACIL H1 wireless earbuds are not necessarily the cheapest at $60, but it must be incredibly affordable for such High-Fidelity earbuds.

Considering the price range of all kinds of Bluetooth earbuds, ACIL H1 Bluetooth earbuds produce the clearest acoustic enjoyment with a warm bass response thanks to its dual drivers, powerful hybrid dynamic, and balanced armature drivers. They have a perfect frequency balance which can reach high frequencies, while, on the other hand, it delivers very clear treble, which is brilliant.

Now, it is lucky for those who also want to get an ACIL H1 Bluetooth earbuds. ACIL is giving away free wireless earbuds and different value coupon code, which was hosted and provided tech support by Sign up to Hashbay, you will get 2 chances to enter at the first time. Enter to win a free ACIL H1 earbuds or a high percentage discount coupon code, sharing this activity with your friends every day will increase your chance to win a free ACIL H1 earbuds.

Prize detail:

1.Free Earbuds: 1 ACIL Earbuds will be sent everyday
2.30USD Coupon: You can use on Amazon immediately
4.20USD Coupon: You can use on amazon immediately
5.10USD Coupon: You can use on Amazon immediately
6.5USD Coupon: You can use on amazon immediately
7.IOTX Coins 100: Get on hashbay and can withdraw cash
8.IOTX Coins 10: Get on hashbay and you can withdraw cash


1.Ending Time: September 2th 00:00 GMT+2
2.Two entries for each PC visitor every day
3.To get one more entry by sharing and inviting friends to enter
4.The coupons can not be superimposed
5.Sharing to your friends everyday will increase your chance to win a free ACIL Earbuds
6.All rights of explanation will be reserved by ACIL

If you were looking for such a pair of headphones, you were lucky, as ACIL gives away free wireless headphones and different coupon codes at a cost per event organized by You can register at Hashbay to get 2 chances in the wheel of fortune every day. If you share activity in social networks and friends, you can increase your chances of winning. Here is the link for the entry.

Activity will continue until September 2, but do not forget that you can not add coupons that you won for one order. Each order allows 1 coupon at a time.


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