Addition of new features for pride month in Instagram and Facebook


Like many other apps, Instagram has also become one of the favorite and widely used apps. With its incredibly amazing updates, users of Instagram are also increasing day by day. Instagram has amazing features that everybody love to work on it but recently this app has officially announced a great news about its latest features. This new feature called as “ pride month feature” has some very creative and useful tools that help and support the LGBTQ community very much. Although this app is already very attractive to use but it still added some colorful tools to make it more amazing. This feature is designed to highlight the new feature’s i.e. “pride month” contents.

Instagram says about its new updates that it doesn’t matter how the pride thing you celebrate, but now you have an option to celebrate it colorfully on Instagram. With the collaboration of GLAAD, Instagram has found the hashtag thing such as #equality, #Igbtq #newupdates or #pride2k19. This is the most spectacular and popular feature. It makes the LGBTQ+ community to connect with each other through sharing stuff. If you are going to use these hashtags in your feed or stories this month, it will become or displayed as colorful rainbow gradient.

Jane Manchun Wong late who is a great expert in engineering, introduced this additional new color thing. It provides the exciting considerable stories with color coding feature beyond the Pride.

Instagram should start to provide different colors according to the different functions or events so that it becomes more exciting for the users. Friend only content has already green color ring stories, and now rainbow has been introduced as well as event based themed updates. The extension of this feature is limited to some time. But it’s interesting that this practicality is going to be utilized possibly for future connections.

The most interesting addition Instagram has made is the addition in gender list. Now there will be more genders than just male and female for the users. According to them they are proudly updating the gender list with more options so that people can openly self identify themselves. It could be more exclusive and reflective.

Art installations is another interesting section Instagram has made. Now it will be a best platform for different communities and for the next generation to make their path. New feature i.e pride month feature will start its live sessions from this week. This feature is also getting its highlights on users favorite app known as Facebook. From there you can have an update of pride theme background. Although these additions are quite aesthetic but the addition on the options of gender list is the most significant update Instagram has made. This will work as utility beyond the pride month. It will provide more users or buy real Instagram followers with inclusive online conditions and a supportive community. Thus, the designers of these new features are making the app more user-friendly.


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