Aerlang H6 V2 Review – Folding Electric Scooter at $489.99/€435.26 From Banggood (Coupon)


If you are tired of approaching the crowd or just need a smaller vehicle to drive cheaply and efficiently, even over longer distances, the Aerlang H6 V2 may be perfect for you. With a range of up to 60km, it can travel at 40km / h, so you can say you can reach your destination quickly. What’s more, you can put a storage rack on it so you can handle shopping with ease.


Aerlang H6 V2 scooters ride comfortably and safely for long periods with 10-inch rubber inflatable wheels for different bases to carry out. It offers perfect performance in all conditions such as rain, mud, or even small obstacles in your way. Compared with tires, the honeycomb tire of the electric scooter is durable and more comfortable; making the driving experience more pleasant and smooth for the driver. The Aerlang H6 V2 electric scooter’s LCD can monitor the speed/battery indicator/headlight/cruise indicator/gear / total mileage and other information. You can change your travel plan and record your cycling activities at any time.


The Aerlang H6 V2 electric scooter is equipped with a motor on the rear wheel; with a power of 500W and a lithium-ion battery of 48V; 17.5Ah that allows you to reach slopes up to 15%. The autonomy is about 50 / 60Km, while the maximum speed reaches up to 40 km / h (in sport mode); with 2 intermediate steps of 6 km / h (energy-saving mode) and 20 km / h (standard mode); speeds are adjustable by double-clicking on the toggle button. Cruise control is also provided, which allows you to maintain a constant speed and can be activated/deactivated via a button.


The Aerlang H6 V2 is a new electric scooter among the best on the market so far, because it contains all the necessary features in this type of vehicle, with a very good quality/price ratio and in compliance with sustainable mobility regulations. You can buy it from Banggood at $489.99/€435.26 by using Coupon Code: BG3bb94f and ship from CZ Warehouse.


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