AGM X2 can get innovative dual camera


Since I discovered a part of the AGM X2 specifications at MWC 2017, the monstrous upcoming flagship has caught the attention of many market players. This IP68 certified phone will be equipped with a rear 16MP resolution camera, a front 13MP resolution and a battery capacity of 6.000 mAh or more.

According to the latest rumors, the phone will use dual-camera technology «RGB + Mono» to improve image quality in low light conditions. This means that it greatly helps users to earn nighttime photos with higher detail and at par with other flagships like the Galaxy S8, the iPhone 7, the Pixel and LG G6. Also, the camera will have better backlight function algorithm (Backlight Mode) from that have the most high-tech smartphones, to produce high quality photos when the light will be located behind the subject being photographed.

What is RGB + mono camera?

Dual camera has a color (RGB) sensor and a monochrome sensor, which simultaneously pull a photo. The RGB sensor takes color pictures by filtering the light to determine which colors (Red, Green, Blue) will hold or will leave, making the images come true with precision but can lose the details. Instead, the monochrome sensor is not interested in the color of light, captures all incoming light and only captures black and white scenes in much more detail from the color sensor.

With these two sensors to work together, the phone is able to capture more light and adds further detail by combining an image produced by the color sensor with another picture generated by the monochrome sensor, so the final image to be extremely high quality.

Backlight Mode. What is the advantage?

When the sun is right in front of our illuminating the back part of the subject photographed, usually comes on very dark, resulting in a bad picture because the integrated answering camera’s light meter is not able to correct the overall exposure. In this case, the backlight function (Backlight Mode) adjusts exposure to compensate for the difference between the foreground and background so that the subject is better exposed. Thanks to the improved algorithm, the AGM X2 has the potential to produce much better photos backlighting of any other resilient device.

Generally, the AGM X2 is expected to pack an exquisite dual camera 16MP resolution camera capable of responding in low light conditions and “against” lighting, as well as taking more vivid images with more detail. If the rumors prove to be true, we can say that the AGM X2 will be the best smartphone for outdoor video filming and taking pictures, eclipsing its competitors in the category of resistant devices.

If the AGM X2 is above your price range you are interested or if you are looking for a more affordable device, the AGM A8, is another certified IP68 phone AGM series, it may be a good choice for you. It comes with 5-inch screen at 720p, Qualcomm 410 SoC, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage memory, 4.050 mAh battery and back 13MP resolution camera.


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  1. For what i have been reading in thier offcial FB page , Android 7 update ( for the x1) is confirmed to Aug at best! It will be interesting to see how the SO takes advantage of the phone… it looks cool already and honestly i dont think it will kill anybody to wait a little more! i prefer a custom SO than a generic one.

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