AGM X3 Rugged Smartphone Review: Everything you need to know (Coupon Inside)


On August 29, AGM officially released the AGM X3 smartphone in Shenzhen. This handset can be said to be superior in terms of appearance, performance, and phone protection. Although the outdoor three-proof smartphones are not the mainstream products on the market, the emergence of this phone allows it and other devices from this category to compete with the top-end models successfully.

AGM X3 Appearance

When we say the AGM X3 is capable of struggling the highest-end models, we fire in the air. It comes with it trendy features you can find on current flagships. Say, the AGM X3 is packed with a 5.99-inch screen, with an 18:9 aspect ratio. Though it doesn’t use the much-popular notch screen design, it still looks like other full-screen smartphones. Of course, it is scratch resistance. The AGM X3’s screen has an ODLC diamond-like coating, with its powerful Corning Gorilla 5th generation glass. Thus, no knife or sharp tools can leave scratches on the screen surface of AGM X3. In terms of brightness, the AGM X3 has a maximum brightness of 500 nits that guarantees eye comfort for everyday use. This screen supports Glove mode. Thus, you can use it with 1.5mm thick gloves.

At the same time, the AGM X3 features anair-grade metal frame and a drop-proof back cover. The unique ‘suspension frame’ and the ‘0.35mm screen dispensing’ technology absorb the impact of falling. Inside the fuselage, each important component is treated separately. It has a two-tone cavity design. In terms of protection, AGM has been continuously upgraded, and at the same time, it has not given up the feel of the phone to the user. The body is 25% thinner than the previous generation, and the weight of the body is 218 grams, which is reduced by 13.6%. Its thickness reached 10.5mm.

On the back, we can find a dual-camera using a 12MP + 24MP sensors combination as well as a fingerprint recognition sensor and the AGM logo. Next to the camera is a warm and cool two-color flash that ensures proper photo light in different environments. The back of AGM X3 has also been specially strengthened. It will not cause structural damage to the device when accidentally fallen. On the back, the manufacturer has also put two stereo speakers designed in cooperation with JBL. The built-in Smart PA smart audio chip can adjust the sound effect more effectively and repair it in the high-pitched part. The effective bandwidth is 400-20000Hz. The treble is not broken and the bass is not stuffy. The distortion rate is lower than the iPhone. We forgot to say, there is a 20MP camera on the front of the AGM X3. This camera supports AI intelligent optimization and comes with a f/1.8 large aperture. It supports 0.2s face unlock.

AGM X3 Performance

The AGM X3 is equipped with a combination of Snapdragon 845 chip and up to 8GB + 128GB storage. Using a 10nm advanced process chip and running on X OS 3.0 system based on Android 8.1, it can provide a smooth and stable performance. Moreover, this configuration allows the phone to run large software smoothly and implement daily operations almost flying. In comparison to the previous generation, the performance is increased by 300%. Of course, the AGM X3 is an outdoor three-proof smartphone. But it is pretty nice to see it can play heavy games with no lags. Due to it, the overall temperature control of the AGM X3 is still very good. Moreover, when it gets hot, can we put it in the water? Just kidding….but you can.

AGM X3 Audio

The AGM X3 and JBL jointly designed the speaker. After the JBL 27 ‘golden ear’ tuner adjustment, the phone can provide an excellent audio performance. Of course, the SMART PA provides an intelligent sound adjustment as well. Our 1kHz audio test on the AGM X3 discovered that the phone can reach a maximum of 87 decibels. Though the official data is somewhat different, we were shocked by the deafening sound performance of the AGM X3.


AGM X3 Battery

The AGM X3 mobile phone uses a 4100mAh battery, which supports QC4.0 fast charging option. In terms of charging time, it takes a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes from zero to charge the phone fully. That’s not an outstanding result, but it is still quite attractive when taking into account the category of phones it belongs to. Apart from the Quick Charge 4.0 battery, there is also a charging head supporting QC3.0 included in the package. Plus, the AGM X3 supports 10W wireless fast charging.


The AGM X3 outdoor three-proof smartphone is equipped with the Snapdragon 845 processor, which is the current flagship chip of the American company and leads the market. So it is capable of providing smooth and stable performance in any scenarios. The 4100mAh battery can also meet the daily needs of outdoor users. As an excellent outdoor three-proof smartphone, we believe that the AGM X3 win the love of users in terms of both appearance and performance. At present, the AGM X3 6GB+64GB version is priced at $526.99 to use coupon code: DPF5 , the 8GB+64GB version is priced at $591.99 to use coupon code: DPF5  both on TOMTOP


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