Alfawise B15 15L Smart Portable Car Freezer / Fridge Refrigerator Review(coupon inside)


Are you looking for a portable refrigerator, but you’re not sure which one to buy.  Your specific needs and how much you’re willing to spend will determine if you get a true portable refrigerator or just a cooler. This article takes a look at a true portable refrigerator that is less expensive and embedded with all features its suppose to carry and give you cold water/drink at any point in time. We are talking about the Alfawise B15 15L Smart Portable Car Freezer / Fridge Refrigerator. 

GearbestBuy Alfawise B15 Car Freezer at $189.99

The Alfawise B15 Car Freezer freeze to -20 in just 1 hour. With German refrigeration tech and high-efficiency compressor, under the rapid freeze mode, this refrigerator can reduce the fridge inner temperature from -25-degree Celsius to -20-degree Celsius in 1hr. Enjoy cold beverage and fruits even when the temperature is very high in the car.

The Alfawise B15 Car Freezer has excellent power off storage because of the use of 40mm insulation foaming. The special vehicle refrigeration compressor makes it can bear bumps and 30-degree climbing. No need to worry about food spoilage even if the journey is long and bumpy. this refrigerator protects automobile batteries in various ways to ensure that the batteries will not be used and that the car can start normally.

The Alfawise B15 Car Freezer is currently available on Gearvbest for $199.99 but using the coupon code: BSZ3802, it can be purchased for just $189.99. This is a very good price comparing the features which it is embedded with.

GearbestBuy Alfawise B15 Car Freezer at $189.99


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