Alfawise F5020E Handheld Rechargeable Oral Irrigator Offered For $19.99(Coupon Included)


It is very important to keep your gums healthy, you may want to ask why? This is because Your mouth is the gateway to your overall health. Now want is an Oral Irrigator for those that don’t know? An oral irrigator (also called a dental water jet, dental water flosser, dental water toothpick or water pick) is a home dental care device. It uses a stream of pulsating water to remove plaque and food debris between teeth as well as below the gum line. The oral irrigator improves gingival health. The devices can also provide easier cleaning for braces and dental implants. The Alfawise F5020E Handheld Rechargeable Oral Irrigator is ideal for those who don’t like to floss, as well as for anyone who wants a deep clean that floss simply can’t provide. Easier and more effective than flossing with string, it blasts away plaque and debris between teeth and below the gum line for a deep and thorough clean. It’s perfect for anyone with braces, implants, crowns or periodontal pockets.

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The ergonomic and unique design of this Alfawise F5020E helps you keep a check on the water level in the 280ml removable water tank which can be easily opened and cleaned for limescale deposits, The upgraded removable full-opening water tank allows you to thoroughly clean the limescale and bacteria inside, which is impossible for common oral irrigators.

It has a waterproof design and does not allow water to leak in case of loose connection. The nozzle rotates 360 degrees and you can choose from three modes which include normal, Soft and Pulse modes which provide the pressure ranging from 40 psi to 90 psi. Comes with 2 detachable spray nozzle with recognizable colorful rings.

The Alfawise F5020E Handheld Rechargeable Oral Irrigator lasts for up to last 2 weeks after 8 hours charging and comes with a USB charger. Regular use of this Oral Irrigator will not only help you keep your teeth and gums clean but will also provide relief from signs of gingivitis and hypersensitivity. This Oral Irrigator is also great for travel as it is lightweight and comes with a storage bag of its own. The price of this flosser is moderate and it lasts for years so it can be a good investment if you are planning to buy a portable water flosser for your dental hygiene.

Alfawise F5020E Oral irrigator uses the principle of high-pressure water cleaning to generate per minute ultrafine high-pressure pulse water flow that can reach any part of oral cavity without any obstacles and directly clean deeps between teeth and below the gumline.

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Meanwhile, ultrafine high-pressure pulse water flow can also massage the gums, has a deep cleaning effect 3 times higher than brushing, effectively stimulate the gums, increase blood circulation, promote the gums, increase blood circulation, promote the formation of oral oxygen, make your mouth feeling clean and fresh. We can buy Alfawise F5020E Oral irrigator from Gearbest at $19.99 using the coupon code:  F5020E

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