Alfawise S70 Youth Edition Window Cleaner Robot Review: Embedded with the Latest AI technology


Are you living in a tall building? Are you scared of climbing a ladder to clean your high windows? Do you find it frustrating and tiring to clean your windows? If Yes, then Alfawise S70 Youth Edition Window Cleaner Robot is the perfect solution. Alfawise S70 is a window cleaning robot, Unlike most competitors, it works on horizontal surfaces. The Alfawise S70 comes with 2 microfiber pads which effectively scrub the glass surface, remove the oil stain, dirt and dust. So that your window is cleaned up thoroughly and efficiently in a few minutes. This device comes with a remote control which that comes in the package and allow you to control the robot window cleaner from any position you like, from your couch, bed, bathroom, anywhere of your choice. The device is not only limited to windows as it can clean mirrors, shower cabin walls, and other flat surfaces

Buy Alfawise S70 Youth Edition Window Cleaner Robot at $139.99

Design & Appearance

The Alfawise S70 Youth Window Cleaner Cleaning Robot comes with a white and green color which makes it very attractive. This robot window cleaner sports two circular pads which wipe the dirt and strong headed stain from the window. It has a vacuum pump under each of the paddles, which keep the robot firmly on the window.  It’s equipped with the Latest AI technology to automatically detect window frames and obstacles, calculate and program the optimal cleaning Z-routes for maximum efficiency, which it uses to calculate the optimal path to clean the window making it work better on a framed window. It has a dimension of 29.00 x 14.20 x 11.50 cm and weighs 1.1Kg making it extremely easy to move around. The cleaner is embedded with a fluffy microfiber  which is ideal for capturing all tiniest particles, even the dust, as tiny as 1micrometer


The Alfawise S60 robotic window cleaner smart robot comewith a Remote control. This remote control allows you to direct the location of the cleaner, and possibly make it clean with different patterns. The cleaner hasHigh efficiency, cleaning 1 square meter twice in 3 minutes, 300 percent faster than manual work. It has 2,800Pa powerful vacuum suction, and UPS system to prevent the window cleaner from falling in case of power failure. The device also comes with a 150kgf high-strength safety rope, 5.5m long to break the limit of height. Powering the device is a LiPo ( built-in ) 650mAh battery, which would last for a very long time while on use, and it is also embedded with a built-in battery for 30mins standby to prevent any potential hazards in case of power failure.

Where To Buy The Alfawise S70 Youth Edition Window Cleaner Robot

The Alfawise S70 Youth Edition Window Cleaner Robot is currently available on Gearbest for $139.99

Buy Alfawise S70 Youth Edition Window Cleaner Robot at $139.99

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Update on Sept.24 , 2019

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