Alfawise W1 Review – Premium Bluetooth Headset at a Great Price of $17.99 at Gearbest


Bluetooth headphones are on the rise. They are becoming more and more affordable and offer comfort with a wireless connection to a Bluetooth wireless technology device. Alfawise W1 is a Bluetooth headset that delivers unbeatable features and sound quality at a great price of $17.99 from Oct 22nd to Oct 28th.


The headphones are designed to fit perfectly into everyone’s ears. The comfort is ensured by high-quality silicone material and a lightweight construction that makes you feel virtually unreadable while sitting well in your ears. Alfawise is mainly known for its Gadgets with the excellent construction quality and good value for money. That is why it is not strange that the same thing is repeated in the manufacturer’s new headphones, whose cost is quite low but still have a manufacturer in ABS plastic, with some aluminum parts, so they are both solid and strong as light. Similarly, the design of the headphones is quite attractive and sporty, a black color that is combined with a cable available in several colors, such as green, blue, red with black and white.

The tips of the headphones have silicone tabs, specially made to fit comfortably to any type of ear, which will prevent them from falling off regardless of whether they are used when walking or running. It should be noted that the aluminum ends of the headphones have magnets inside, which hold them together when stored, but which will also be useful when worn around the neck, preventing them from slipping and falling to the floor. They also have a water-resistant coating that protects them mainly against sweat, as it is not recommended to use them in the rain.

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Thanks to the high-quality technology, the AlfaWise W1 headphones offer great sound with full bass. Thanks to the innovative diaphragm headphone, they offer pure and bass sound. The sound quality of the Alfawise W1 is quite incredible considering its price, with details such as noise isolation due to the shape of the tips. The manufacturer says that the headphones have a balanced sound, but due to the small size of the drivers (only 8.6mm) do not expect bass so strong or deep. Although this is not something to worry about, bearing in mind that even at high volume the Alfawise W1 are capable of reproducing music with minimal sound distortion. As they are low-end headphones, they have a frequency response of 20 – 20000Hz, as well as an impedance of 16 ohms and a sensitivity of 88dB, enough to listen to all genres of music in an acceptable way.

However, the reception of wireless connectivity is excellent, using Bluetooth 4.0 as a means of synchronization under profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP, can reach a distance of up to 10 meters before the signal begins to fade. The Alfawise W1 Bluetooth headset meets the requirements by incorporating an internal lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 230 mAh, which, although it appears to be somewhat scarce, the manufacturer states that it can achieve an autonomy of up to 16 hours of music playback time, as well as this same amount in call time, while in standby mode it can achieve an autonomy of up to 600 hours.


Alfawise W1 is an inexpensive wireless headset that comes with an attractively sporty design and what you need to play your music while doing sports activities without the sweat much care thanks to a waterproof cover. If you are interested in the Alfawise W1 headphones, you can buy them at at an unbeatable price of $17.99 from Oct 22nd 00:00 to Oct 28th 23:59 (UTC+8 Beijing Time)


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