Alfawise WS 1060 Review: A Robot Vacuum Glass Cleaner With 99% Cleaning Rate (Price: $179.99)


Alfawise WS-1060 Robot Window Cleaner innovation and pattern setting development come standard, to quickly pass on perfect windows with the bit of a catch. The inventive suction fan and 4-Stage cleaning system attentively clean a wide scope of glass surfaces. The selective sagacious Drive Navigation system, complex working structure, and different sensors help Cop Rose Household Cleaning Robot perceive impediments for griping free movement.

Alfawise WS-1060 Robot Window Cleaner Price: $179.99


The Alfawise WS-1060 Robot Window Cleaner arrives in a solitary color[silver], despite the fact that it spots slight contacts of dark, and you will concur with me that with this silver and dark shading it will get the chance to drag one’s consideration. It has an ultra-slender structure with a stature of 3.66 inches, which makes it about 25% more slender than pretty much some other cleaner with its capacities. It has an element of 223.00 x 23.00 x 9.30 cm and weighs 1.2700 kg making it very simple to move around. In case your home has windows that require tall ladders, or you are increasingly prepared and loathe ladder work, despise paying to clean the windows, by then this is the thing for you. All you need do island at an edge of your window, stick on the cleaning robot, turn it on, hold up until it completes the cleaning, it returns to a comparative spot, by then move it to the accompanying window. Works sublimely of cleaning for your home. Numerous families like them certainly.


Alfawise WS-1060 Robot Window Cleaner uses a 99% ultra-high cleaning rate. Ultra-quick cleaning rate is half higher than the past age. The composite elastic track with glass fiber has a helpful life of over 400 hours, which is 400% higher than comparable items available. Top of the line Italian chip + brilliant sensor + new update way arranging calculation for the new client experience. Consolidate the remote and portable App control for a simple activity. You don’t need to ascend stepping stools or put yourself in danger, you can clean your window directly from your brilliant robot,

The Alfawise WS-1060 Robot Window Cleaner sports a challenging huge battery with Over 400 hour constant working time which is any longer than other cleaning machines. It has 30 Min continuance after a power cut off which would suck still on glass for 30 min and send a caution when the power all of a sudden cut-off. Wellbeing rope can be tied up on the off chance that you missed to control off, control cut or some other surprising things occurred. No compelling reason to tie the string each time you use it aside from when you’re cleaning the high dividers.

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It tends to baffle for anybody to return home after work and start cleaning. More often than not we don’t possess energy for ourselves, disregard the cleaning. This drove us to the Alfawise WS-1060 Robot Window Cleaner, which causes us to clean those grimy and solid headed stains on our windows. We can get it from Gearbest last day to grab it at only $179.99 now

Alfawise WS-1060 Robot Window Cleaner Price: $179.99


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