Alfawise X5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – Deep review with images and video


Today, we all run, to go ot our work, to manage to do things we want, so there is little time to stay home and keep it clean and tidy. We all would like to have our house clean and tidy, to return from our work and don’t find dust or dirt on the floor. Alfawise is a company that makes smart devices and makes our life easier. So here comes with the Alfawise X5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, a automated robotic vacuum cleaner that can clean and mop and keep our houses clean. I was honoured to be send one from Gearbest, to make my life easier and tell my story how is to live with an smart device like that.

The Alfawise X5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner was send to me with EMS. Despite the fact that it passed through customs and I had to pay a small amount it, Gearbest recovered this cost immediately I have to say. The vacuum cleaner was inside a thick box, protected from hits and falls. After opening it, came across a white box which on top was showing a image of the Alfawise X5.

At the sides of the big box, you could read specs about the vacuum. I have to mention that the package was weighting 5.5600kg and its dimensions where 58.50 x 41.00 x 15.00 cm, so you can understand we speak about a big box!

Opening the big box, inside you can  find, the Robotic Vacuum, the Remote Controller, a Water Tank used for the mopping, a Dust Bin for normal cleaning, an Adaptor, 2 extra Mop, 2 extra Side Brush, 1 Dock Station for automated charging, a Magnetic Strip, a Cleaning Brush and finally a English Manual.

The Alfawise X5 weights 2.5kg and its dimensions are 32.00 x 32.00 x 8.80 cm. The X5 when is activated speaks to you, as you can speak to it. Yes you can control it through voice! To do that all you need is to download the app from the playstore. You will have to go to Google Playstore and download Tuya Smart. After installing it, you run the app and now it’s time to add your vacuum to it. So press for about 3 sec the house button, and the add at the app. The app will find the device through the wifi network you have. Through your wifi network you will be able to control the vacuum from anywhere you are, in the house or outside.

Activating the vacuum, you will see that cleans very very well. This happens because the suction power is up to 1000pa. In order to do the cleaning better, you can choose one of the modes that has, so no dirty spot to be left behind. That’s why you can choose auto, zigzag, spot and edge. The X5 is equipped with two brushes, one for removing the dirt and one for collecting it. You can set the X5 to mop and not only clean, so there is really no dirty spot left behind and do the dry cleaning after that. It can climb max 30 degrees, but if your carpet are fluffy like mine, it cannot climb them. It cleans very well carpets with low velvet.

After it finishes it job, you can set it to go home alone and recharge. With a fully charged battery will work for about 100-120 min and it will need about 3 hours to recharge. In order to work for 2 hours, uses the 2600mAh battery that is equipped. It can gather up to 600 ml litter and it contains a 600ml water tank for the mopping. You can of course use schedule to set when the Alfawise X5 will work. As for the noise is at a normal level of 60 db.

You can see in the video following, the unboxing and in full operation. You will notice that the Alfawise X5 is equipped with advanced anti-collision sensors, this robot can detect objects in its path and navigate around them to achieve uninterrupted cleaning. You will also realise that with the included cutting-edge anti-drop sensors, the robot doesn’t fall fall the table that it is on at the first part of the video.

The Alfawise X5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner as you can see is a must for keeping your home clean. Set it once and forget it and find always your beloved space clean and without any dirt. Control the cleaner form anywhere, ever from your office, so to clean your house in your absence and deliver it clean for you and your friends when they want to visit you and you didn’t find time to clean. You can find it at Gearbest, where is on flash sales, so you can get it even cheaper. So hurry up and order it today, to keep your home clean and make for your self and your wife the perfect Christmas gift that will help her rest a little bit for the works at home! By the way, right now you can use exclusive coupon code: AlFWX5 for igeekphone site at $179.99 from Gearbest.


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