Alfawise YINYU14 Review: Aluminum Alloy Folding Electric Bike For Just $439.99 at Gearbest


In this opportunity, we bring you something new from Alfawise, a company that we have already talked about for its diverse line of products. Alfawise is becoming a very popular brand off recent, due to its innovative product that has crossed all aspect of life. Just like all other top brand started, Alfawsie tends to produce topnotch product at a considerable price. This time we present the Alfawise YINYU14 Folding Electric Bike, The Alfawise Aluminum Alloy Folding Electric Bike is one of its latest product which has been generally accepted globally. Let’s get to meet this amazing bike in details.

The Alfawise YINYU14 is a folding electric bike of premium design that is available for all genres in an elegant black color. Among its main features is a brushless motor of 250W that offers a power of 25Km/h, and that together with its rechargeable battery of 7800mAh can reach a range of 55Km. Today, we want to share with you all the characteristics of this electric bike, so that you can know first hand what it has to offer.

Alfawse bike takes the shape of a normal electric bike in the market but has a foldable design which distinguishes it from other bikes. To give it a strong and long lasting life, the bike is fabricated from Aluminum alloy which is durable and has a practical use. Its dimensions are equal to 130.00 x 50.00 x 91.00 cm, weighing a total of 17.1 kg, allowing this bike to be as versatile as it is easy to handle The saddle can be adjusted, so you don’t have to get scared of whether you are short or tall, the bike is made to suit everyone, regardless of your height. As earlier stated, it has a foldable design with this, you can easily fold your bike anytime you wish to conserve space. Still, on the design, it is embedded with an amazing LED light for safe riding in the night.

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It comes with 14-inch inflatable rubber wheels, it has an anti-slip texture, water-resistant and durable to use on different grounds. It features a 250W motor which provides max 25km/h speed and max 25-degree gradient. With this powerful motor in the rear wheel, uneven land cannot stop your journey. The bike is made to carry the load, it is capable of carrying a max 180kg payload.

The Alfawise electric bike affords the user an opportunity to choose from 3 different modes, The pedal mode, moped mode, and pure electric mode. These three different modes can be chosen to enjoy the different joys.

The electric bike is powered by a 7.8Ah 36V Li-ion battery for max 30km mileage with pure electric mode and 55km mileage with a moped mode. This battery can be fully charged between 2-3hours. Not forgetting to mention that this bike can is suitable for adults and teenagers.

The electric bicycle can be available only in black, which gives it an elegant appearance and allows it to be used by men and women without distinction, although we are sure that many users would have preferred to have more options to choose from. The Alfawise YINYU14 Folding Electric Bike is currently available on Gearbest for $429.99. Don’t miss out on this great deal.


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