All you need to know about the Pocophone F2


Ever since the first phone model by the Xiaomi sub-brand Poco came into existence, the world went gaga over it. With the top Snapdragon 845 processor packed with dual-cameras and other flagship-grade features, the phone became an instant hit as it was released in countries all across. The specifications that the Poco F1 was offering at its price was revolutionary. Just like you can find out no deposit bonus casino UK to suit your style of gambling you could now get a high-end featured phone that would suit your budget. The world had never seen such a high-spec phone in the minimal price bracket of £200-300. It’s amazing performance and features left the users with just one thought in their minds, if the first product of the brand is this what will it’s successor offer.

Since then, there have been speculations and theories of what the Pocophone F2 will bring to the crowd. All kinds of rumours and talks about the phone have been around but the focus here is to only present before you what actually seems like a possibility. So, here is all you need to know about the Pocophone F2.

Release date

It has already been more than a year since the last Poco phone was released but hey, here is the good news, the wait for the next Poco phone might be at the last stages. As told by various sources, the Poco F2 will be released in the Q4 of 2019, i.e. by the end of this year. As the month of September is already down, customers might be treated with its official look, any time soon. The phones release date is one of the most anticipated events related to the smartphone world. It is also one of the most searched words on the internet these days. Everybody wants to get a hand on this flagship-grade to-be-affordable smartphone.

Known facts

The company authorised was also asked about the phone’s release and hence everyone got to know few facts about the phone. The reason for its anticipation is also the reason for its delay, as told by the company. The high-standard set by the first Poco phone has raised expectations in the customers and hence the customers are expecting a lot from the next one. It is now known that the phone will have the best processor of current times carrying the trend set by the first Poco, which is Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus. The phone will be available in 6 or 6 GB RAM variants boosting the premium gaming experience even smoother.

Apart from this, what is known is that the design of the phone will have a water-drop notch and the back panel will look similar to that of the Poco phone. The look of the phone is one of the few backdrops of the Poco series.

Also expected

The expectations from this phone are at a never seen before height. The phone is likely to have a triple camera set up with a 64-MP primary camera, a secondary telephoto camera and a depth sensor lens. The display of the phone might have a small notch but it is predicted to be bigger and better with the OLED screen and on-screen fingerprint scanner. The Poco F1 has a super-fast face unlock and hence the Poco F2 is also expected to have the same speed for unlocking the phone, if not better. An even bigger battery and stereo speakers are in the last of high possibilities as trying to fit a larger battery might be the reason for the extra delay in its release.


The best part about Pocophone F2 is that now the fans know that the phone is really coming and that the Poco series is still alive. It can only be hoped that when this awaited phone arrives, it makes the wait worth it.


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