Alldocube F40 Quad Driver Nanofiber Diaphragm Eearphones Released


The most innovative product of the tablets and PCs maker Alldocube would no doubt come down to the X, which is designed for premium movies and music entertainment needs mostly due to the same Super AMOLED display found on Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 was utilized and the AKM HiFi Sound chip was equipped.

Now available to purchase from the major Amazon stores, AliExpress and more online stores, details can be found via this link, and now they are ready to do it again in another market. Alldocube F40 In-Ear headset included.

Alldocube F40 is a quad-core headset with a nanofiber diaphragm, and judging by its performance, performance should be excellent. Let’s see what else it brings, what makes it so special.

Alldocube F40 Specs
  • Non-destructive frequency division 4 technology, 8 iron coils
  • Quad drivers have three dynamic drivers and one balanced armature.
  • NanoFiber diaphragm controls bass
  • Composite diaphragm driver responsible for mids
  • Graphene Aperture Driver handles high frequencies
  • Exclusive Custom FLT K3 processes ultra-high frequencies

Alldocube F40 adopt an Ergonomic design, comfortable fit and durable seal to protect music from the noise of the outside world. With such characteristics, we can confidently expect loyalty and clarity. For more information, visit the official website.


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