Huami Amazfit Foldable AirRun Treadmill Machine In-Depth Review


Huami officially entered the wireless headset-Amafit PowerBuds is based on a high-fidelity sound system, equipped with a PPG heart rate sensor, which can monitor exercise heart rate, real-time voice broadcast heart rate, pace, time and other sports Data, feedback exercise status, remind exercise risk such as high heart rate. Along with Amafit PowerBuds, Huami also brought Amazfit ZenBuds smart earphones specifically designed for sleep to help users sleep well.

In particular, in addition to wireless headphones and smart earphones, Huami also launched a home treadmill Amazfit AirRun, which is a large treadmill with a minimalist and modern design. JBL custom speakers, Smart wearable device linkage and other functions. It supports wave-shaped rubber column vibration reduction and noise reduction. The most convenient is that it can complete the whole machine folding in 5 seconds, and it is convenient for storage.

There is no doubt that from this product, the scope of Huami products has extended to smart wearable devices, but at the same time, the Amazfit AirRun Treadmill is still in the “health” field. Today, this treadmill is also the protagonist of this evaluation. Let’s take a closer look at it through actual experience.

Amazfit AirRun Treadmill Design

The home treadmill is a device placed in the home environment, and its design must be thoughtful. From the perspective of appearance and design, we will bring some references for everyone.

Amazfit AirRun adopts the installation-free design and works out of the box. The process of unfolding and closing is very convenient. After being folded, it can be erected against the wall and placed in corners, storage rooms, and other places. It will not occupy the daily use space of the user and is suitable for ordinary household users with small storage space.

The bottom of the treadmill is equipped with silicone rollers. You don’t need to worry about the movement of the treadmill. When you find that you need to transfer the treadmill, you only need to lift the tail, and you can use the rotation of the two silicone rollers at the bottom to move the entire machine. Of course, in daily use, there are firm foot pads to fix, the weight of 63kg plus the weight of the user, the whole machine is stable and very reliable.

Amazfit AirRun is painted with a metallic effect as a whole, and almost no exposed parts can be seen on the surface of the fuselage. It looks quite stable with a wide running platform and can be easily integrated into various home environments. Above the running platform is a display screen, which takes up a lot of space. Of course, it can also make the displayed numeric characters larger: one screen can display information such as heart rate, time, distance, speed, and APP tips.

Amazfit AirRun is a simple-to-use home treadmill. The control button layout is very streamlined. It eliminates all the redundant control design, and all rely on plus and minus buttons and a rounded rectangular button to achieve all interactions. The oiler and maintenance tools are built into the rear corner, making it easy to access and store.

Amazfit AirRun Treadmill Performance

In fact, Amazfit AirRun can be used normally without the software, but in order to expand and enrich the playability, we still connect the software here.

Users of Huami Watches / Bracelets should be very familiar with this Amazfit client. Yes, the Amazfit AirRun treadmill is also connected to mobile phones and interacts with other Huami wearable devices through this APP.

Amazfit AirRun can display real-time heart rate data of Amazfit series smart wearables and Xiaomi bracelets simultaneously. The currently supported devices include Amazfit Mi Watch Youth Edition, Mi Hands Bracelet, GTR, GTS and other products. Other subsequent devices that support heart rate monitoring will also keep up.

Before starting the exercise, first, open the Amazfit APP to ensure that the watch/band and the treadmill are connected, and then start “indoor running” in the APP to use the wrist device to record the heart rate and display the heart rate data on the treadmill in real-time.

If you want to leave the treadmill to display the exercise heart rate, you can first open the Amazfit APP and turn on the “sports heart rate broadcast” in the watch/band device page. Before each exercise, first, turn on “Indoor Running” on the watch/band, and then start running on the treadmill. The heart rate recorded by the wrist device will be sent to the treadmill via Bluetooth broadcast and displayed in real-time.

It is worth mentioning that Amazfit AirRun has two built-in JBL custom full-range speakers, which features fast transient response and ultra-low distortion. You don’t need to wear headphones when running.

The speaker of the treadmill is an independent Bluetooth device, and it can be paired with the mobile phone by Bluetooth before use.

A half-meter wide running belt is kind!

Amazfit AirRun’s running belt is very kind, both in terms of publicity and actual materials.

In the past, when some treadmills on the market advertised their running belt width, they would also calculate their own edge running platform width to confuse audiovisual.

And the Amazfit AirRun that we reviewed experienced honestly emphasized that its pure running belt width is 500mm, this specification is almost close to the level of commercial treadmills, and it will not run out of control, and the smaller girls are expected to turn on the treadmill. Lap and dance. It should be known that many treadmills on the market are still about 400mm wide.

The length of the walking belt is 1300mm. At the same time, the sunken motor design is used to reduce the space occupation, which makes the effective running range larger and simulates the open feeling of outdoor running. It is worth mentioning that Amazfit AirRun uses a non-slip, wear-resistant diamond-patterned running belt to increase friction, plus non-slip edges on each side, to ensure the safety and comfort of the running process. The 500mm ultra-wide diamond-patterned running belt makes people feel very refreshed, especially during the first experience on the machine.

The author believes that as a home treadmill, the level of smoothness and noise reduction is very important. The smoothness is related to running feeling and running safety.

There are a total of 8 shock-absorbing devices between the Amazfit AirRun running board and the mainframe. When I run on the treadmill, I can feel the moment when I set foot, and have not suffered obvious recoil and secondary recoil.

This is because the impact force is released one by one after passing through 8 shock absorption devices, and the landing has been smooth, and the hardness of the running board is just good. This can not only make the machine run smoothly and maintain stable running feedback but also slow rebound can also protect the knee from being damaged.

Friends who often go to the gym for exercise may ignore one thing when choosing a home treadmill. Because the environment is relatively noisy in the gym, it is easy to ignore the noise of the treadmill in the home environment, so not only shock absorption, Silence is also necessary. We just talked about the 8 damping devices of the Amazfit AirRun, which also reduces noise while reducing vibration.

In the author’s experience, I feel that the noise of Amazfit AirRun still exists. In a quiet home environment, the same room will be more obvious, and the noise will be reduced after separating a door and a wall.

Operating experience

Just now we have briefly introduced in the appearance of the treadmill. Amazfit AirRun uses a simple three-button control, one-button control of start and stop, and rotation speed regulation.

The treadmill is also equipped with an LED display. The black screen is completely integrated when standing still. It can display four data and a status prompt during exercise, breaking the awkwardness of the old-fashioned treadmill.

First look at this rounded rectangular button:Watch factory Huami out of the circle! Huami Amazfit AirRun treadmill first evaluation: 5-second folding, home running artifact

1. Press this key while the power is on, the system will enter a 3-second countdown, and the treadmill will start running at a speed of 1 km / h.

2. Press this key to pause the running of the treadmill during running; press the button again to enter the 3-second countdown, and the running machine will gradually resume to the speedrunning before the pause.

3. Press and hold this key during operation to stop operation.

As the name suggests, pressing this key will increase the running speed of the treadmill; its adjustment value is 0.1 km/time if you continue to hold it for more than 0.5 seconds. Will automatically continue to increment.

Just after the “+” button is spoken, the role and usage of the “-” button is also clear. Pressing this button will reduce the running speed of the treadmill; its adjustment range is 0.1 km/time. Automatically decrement in seconds.

From this, we can also see that when using the Amazfit AirRun. Both acceleration and deceleration need to be increased or decreased step by step. Except for emergency stop and other situations, the gear cannot be shifted “over the gear” during use.

During use, the author also noticed that the middle and lower part of the center console has a red button with a prominent note “STOP” and an integrated safety switch composed of a rope:

1. Press the red “Stop” button during exercise, the running speed will decrease until it stops. To resume exercise, press the “Stop” button again to unlock. And then press the “Start” button again to resume exercise.

2. Hold the clip of the safety rope to the clothes. If you pull the safety rope during running (such as accidentally falling down). The running machine will stop suddenly and lock the key operation. If you need to continue to move, pull the safety rope again to unlock it. And then press the “Start” button on the left side to resume the movement.

The difference between the two is that after the “STOP” button is triggered. The walking belt will gradually decelerate, that is, undergo a transition process. After pulling the safety rope, the walking belt will suddenly stop, then quickly lose power and stop running.

Quick USE

The author believes that for home treadmills. The most critical point to consider is the space occupation rate and convenience after storage. After all, the houses of most families are not large now. And there are still many young people renting houses and living in small units. They cannot afford to waste space.

As for the design of the storage space of the treadmill. Amazfit AirRun does a pretty good job. Officially, it supports true full folding. Saving about 80% of space in 5 seconds.

Specifically, Amazfit AirRun uses a handrail and button linkage design without any tools. The switch device behind the armrest is folded down. And the whole machine can be folded with bare hands in only 5 seconds. It can be placed under the bedside table. Saving quickly and effectively. The space inside the house is small enough.

That is to say, after daily running. You only need to pull the switch behind the armrest to complete the storage with your bare hands. Eliminating the trouble of falling locks and using tools. Just like using a yoga mat. Spread it out when you use it. And when not in use Just put it away. It doesn’t take up much space in daily life after storage.

Amazfit AirRun Treadmill Verdict

Huami Amazfit Foldable AirRun Treadmill has a gym-level oversized running belt. A minimalist modern design, JBL custom speakers. And smart wearable device linkage. Among them, the function of smart wearable device linkage gives people a lot of imagination space-Amazfit AirRun is not only a treadmill but also a stepping stone and starting line for Huami to extend to more areas of health and fitness equipment in the future.

Its outline design is simple and smooth, almost all the body is sprayed with metal spray paint, barely visible exposed parts, and can be harmoniously integrated into various home environments. Equipped with a 1300mm × 500mm oversized running belt, the diamond-shaped running belt and soft rubber edge strips are non-slip and wear-resistant. In addition, the sunken motor design leaves sufficient running space to simulate the feeling of outdoor running.

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In order to prevent the treadmill to occupy space when not in use. Chinese rice is painstaking, given the armrest and let the key linkage, without any tools. Within three seconds to make a full folding treadmill design, space instantly reduced by about 80%. Can be placed on the balcony at the bottom of the bed, saving space in the house.

It is worth noting that Amazfit AirRun is also very thoughtful in terms of safety. The design of the emergency stop safety rope and the emergency slow-stop button guarantees basic safety, while the eight under the running board, on the one hand, dispel the impact force when falling. , Shock-absorbing knee pads, on the other hand, can also achieve the effect of noise reduction to a certain extent.

Amazfit AirRun has been officially launched for sale on March 31st, with an initial price of 2699 yuan, and coupons will be reduced by 200 before April 2nd, for only 2499 yuan. As a home running artifact, it is worth considering early adopters. You can also check other treadmill here.


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