Amazfit BIP Lite 1S Review: Low Budget with Long Battery Smartwatch


Today, the upgraded version of the Amazfit BIP Lite 1S Smartwatch debuts and is officially on sale. It continues the light and colorful design of the previous work and is more functionally complete. It adds NFC, 50-meter waterproof, and human-PAI ™ health assessment system. And other practical functions and the price remains unchanged at 399 yuan.


In terms of design, Amazfit BIP Lite 1S is in a minimalist style, but it’s color and line design make it look not simple, and its rounded shape and unique color may be more in line with young people’s aesthetic.

The screen of Amazfit BIP Lite 1S is a color reflective display and supports custom dials. The characteristics of the reflective screen determine that it can be clearly displayed even under strong light, and the color display effect is simply tailored for outdoor use.
There are many dials available in the dial market

On the back of the dial, you can see the PPG heart rate sensor and the metal contacts for charging. In addition, the quick release lever at the strap and the watch also show that the strap of this watch supports quick release and replacement.

The strap delivered by default is made of silicone material, which feels very soft. The buckle is designed with a reverse bend to ensure that the wrist will not be too tight when worn.

There is only one physical button on the side of the watch body, which supports clicking the outgoing menu and customizing the long-press function.

The weight of the 1S body of the Amazfit Mito Watch Youth Edition is the only 19g, which is even equivalent to the weight of the bracelet. Depending on the material used to wear the strap, the weight will increase, and its thickness is also a thin and light type in smartwatches, which makes it very good to wear.


After experiencing the Amazfit BIP Lite 1S, you will further realize that although this is an entry-level product, it does not lose the flagship in the breadth of functions, but only in-depth.

After supporting functions such as NFC, automatic detection of arrhythmia (including atrial fibrillation), the coverage of the 1S function of the Amazfit Mito Watch Youth Edition is basically the same as the current flagship product. Degree and professionalism.

Like the current flagship product-Amazfit, Smart Sports Watch 3 supports more than 80 modes in professional sports functions, and Amazfit BIP Lite 1S only supports 10 kinds, but it also covers daily needs, for the first time to try new intelligent For watches, it is enough.


First of all, let’s experience the sports function of Amazfit BIP Lite 1S. Let’s see how it uses sports mode different from other products. Turn on the walking mode, enter the star search state, and you can start the exercise after completion.

In sports, you can check the status of the sport through the watch

During the exercise, you can understand your movement status in real-time through the Amazfit BIP Lite 1S. In addition, every time you reach a certain mileage and duration, the watch will automatically vibrate to remind you, so you can know how long you have been exercising.

After the exercise, the watch will also display the sports statistics

After finishing the exercise, you can roughly view the sports statistics through the watch. And through the mobile APP, the data viewed will be more detailed, and the viewing on the big screen is also more intuitive.

The Amazfit BIP Lite 1S itself supports GPS + GLONASS dual-mode positioning, so the path recorded during the exercise is also quite accurate. In addition, data such as speed and heart rate during exercise can also be recorded at any time.

However, it can also be seen from the APP that the Amazfit BIP Lite 1S does not support records of altitude, sports effects, stride length, and cadence, which is also the difference in sports functions from other more advanced products.

In terms of sports modes, the Amazfit BIP Lite 1S supports 10 modes. These sports have basically covered the daily life of ordinary people. So this is why it is slightly worse in professionalism, but it is not practical at all. Less.


In addition to the sport mode, the Amazfit BIP Lite 1S is also very useful in health. For example, the commonly used all-weather heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring functions and the newly added human-PAI health evaluation system, which can all support opening.

Although the previous work also supports heart rate monitoring. The Amazfit BIP Lite 1S goes further on this, adding an automatic screening function for arrhythmia (including atrial fibrillation). For special people. This function detects heart problems early, Or early warning in the early stage of the onset, its importance is self-evident.

After turning on the setting of all-day heart rate monitoring, wearing the Amazfit BIP Lite 1S, you can see the daily heart rate changes, and you can also view the daily resting heart rate statistics by month and observe whether you have any abnormalities.

Amazfit BIP Lite 1S can record your sleep and wake up time, judge the length of deep sleep and the length of sleep, and score your sleep quality. In the results, it will provide recent changes in sleep patterns and comparison with similar users to help users better improve their sleeping habits.

In addition, Amazfit BIP Lite 1S also added support for the human-PAI health assessment system.

Huami- PAI health assessment system can intuitively display the completion of daily activity indicators based on sports and physiological data. Based on the heart rate data, combined with daily activity intensity and multi-dimensional dynamic comprehensive evaluation of personal physiological data, the algorithm is converted into an intuitive PAI value and reaching 100 means that today’s activity has reached the health requirement.

In daily life, you can see today’s PAI value through your watch. And you can also learn about the recent trend of movement and standard compliance through horizontal comparison. Through the PAI value system, compared with a simple daily fitness punch card. Not only can you make your daily exercise more purposeful, but you can also make better use of your fragmented time and record the amount of exercise during short leisure time.

Through the PAI system, you can also find out whether you have insufficient exercise in time. After all, the amount of exercise during the day will change every day. When the amount of exercise during the day is less difficult to meet the standard. We can deliberately increase the amount of exercise to make up for it.

With the human-PAI ™ health assessment system, the daily exercise time can be fragmented. The score form is more intuitive and more purposeful than pure time. For the office workers/student party, this method is more concrete and more vigorous to achieve.

Convenient function

In addition to sports and health functions, Amazfit BIP Lite 1S also has many daily convenience functions. For example, simply check the weather, set the alarm clock, listen to music countdown. And compass function, it supports.

In addition, it also supports Alipay offline payment function. Scan the QR code and Alipay account to complete the binding, you can deposit the amount into the watch account. And then directly use the watch to display the QR code to pay.

This time, the Amazfit 1S watch youth version 1S also supports NFC, so you can use the watch to realize functions such as bus transit and analog access card. If you want to bind the traffic card or simulated access control card, you need to cooperate with the APP to achieve it. Follow the step-by-step instructions to complete it step by step.

The Amazfit BIP Lite 1S supports 5ATM water resistance and can support a maximum of 50 meters of underwater swimming. So there is no need to worry about water ingress in daily use. The screen surface is coated with an oleophobic layer. And daily stains with water stains are easy to clean.

Finally, let ’s talk about battery life. Because of the increase in functions. The battery life of the Amazfit BIP Lite 1S is slightly reduced compared to the previous generation. It can still be used continuously for 30 days under typical usage scenarios. This battery life is for smartwatches. It’s already quite amazing.

Measure the endurance performance, turn on all-weather heart rate monitoring, turn on multiple exercise modes. Turn on the wrist and bright screen, after using three days and six hours. The power consumption is 19%, so under the author’s usage habits, the endurance time is About 17 days. Adjust the heart rate monitoring mode, and use habits, battery life can become longer.


The price of the Amazfit BIP Lite 1S is only 399 yuan. As an entry-level product. Although its functions are not as professional as those of the flagship machine. Its function coverage is quite wide. Everyday commonly used sports mode, GPS navigation, heart rate monitoring. NFC, Alipay payment, these functions support it, in actual experience, these functions can also play a good role. It can meet the needs of smart wearable devices in daily life Satisfy.

In terms of appearance, the Amazfit BIP Lite 1S SmartWatch has a minimalist design. The rounded corners and the loneliness between different materials are very natural and fit. The carbon black version of this evaluation looks calm, but the actual The Amazfit BIP Lite 1S is also available in a variety of colors and personalized straps such as red-orange, rock white, and warm pink, suitable for people of different ages.

Full-featured, minimalist appearance, for those who want to get a taste of smart wearable products such as smartwatches for the first time. Amazfit BIP Lite 1S is a very good entry-level product. Coupled with its price of 399 yuan. Amazfit Mi Dong Watch Youth Edition 1S is undoubtedly a very cost-effective choice, worth a try.

Update on May 12, 2020
You can catch Amazfit BIP S Smart Watch for $79.99 now.


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