Amazfit GTR 2 – We brought it for you and comment on it, after 3 weeks of usage! (pic + vid)


Amazfit GTR 2 is one of the latest smartwatches that Huami presented to us. I’m the owner of the first version, Amazfit GTR 1, and very pleased I have say. Very good appearance, with an almost two weeks battery. I know about the GPS problem, but since I’m not is the sports, didn’t mind about it.

On the 30st of October, Amazfit released some pieces of the new Amazfit GTR 2 at the EU e-shop and I was one of the lucky one to get one. The price I paid for it, with the postal fees for been send to Greece, was €177,58 (216,07 $), not a small amount at all!

I received after some days and this was the first image…

At this moment if you go to the page of the GTR 2 at the EU store, gives a 404 error page…..strange!

Nevertheless, lets start with a compare between the first version of this one to know for what we are speaking about….

Amazfit GTR 2 vs Amazfit GTR

Amazfit GTR Amazfit GTR 2
Thickness 10.5mm 10.7mm
Wide at strap 22mm 22mm
Weight aluminum 36 g
steel 48 g
titanium 40 g
aluminum 31.5g

steel 39g

Physical buttons 2 2
Storage 3GB
Screen AMOLED touch AMOLED touch
Screen protection Gorilla Glass 3 anti-impression coating Diamond carbon surface 9H scratch resistance
Screen dimension 1.4″ 1.4″
Analysis 454 × 454 px 454 × 454 px
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0 + Wi-Fi 6
Li-Po battery 410 mAh 471 mAh
Battery life 24 d with normal use – 74 d all deactivated – 40h with GPS use (In me with normal use the battery kept for 7-10 days) 14 d with normal use – 38 d with basic (5 – 6 d with normal use with me)
Charging Magnetic 2 h Magnetic 2.5 h
Sensors BioTrackerTM PPG – 6-axis accelerator – 3-axis geomagnetic sensor – Ambient light sensor – Capacitive sensor – Barometric sensor Bio-Tracking BioTracker 2.0 – acceleration sensor – 3-axis geomagnetic sensor – Ambient light sensor – Gyroscopic sensor – Air pressure sensor
Speaker No Yes
Answering calls No Yes
Waterproof 5 ATMs up to 50 m 5 ATMs up to 50 m
Sports modes 12 12
Watchfaces 100+ 50+40

Amazfit GTR 2 has some features that works nice and makes it a good buy.

First of all, it supports receiving calls. The GTR 2 features 2 speakers from where you can hear the other person to speak to you and a mic, from where you can answer. Of course, you still need the mobile, as it cannot take a SIM card. You cannot make calls, only answer them. To do so, you must double connect your GTR 2 with your mobile, one time with Zepp and one time with the mobile.

The same speakers you can use them to hear music! Yes, GTR 2 features 3GB of storage to save there music files which you can hear them from the speakers of your earphones that you can connect to the smartwatch. As you can see and in the video, the music is heard loud and clear!

Normally the Amazfit GTR 2 supports Alexa, but is a feature to come in future OTA update of the firmware. Till today, the Amazfit has released two firmware updates, with the latest to add many sports modes and languages, one of them to be Greek!

One other features that GTR 2 supports, is the ability of measuring saturation, SpO2. This is a very helpful feature, specially now with the corona virus pandemia, but needs some further calibration in order to work 100% correct. Further you can see in the video, where I compare this feature with my oximeter that I use as a Patholog in the Clinic I work!

About the GPS, unfortunately, as you can see and in the video, neither in the second version works as well as it should. I don’t know if the can fix it, if it needs adjustment, but according to the track redorded, I was flying over buildings…..

GTR 2 supports the feature of Offline Voice Commands. Activating this feature, you can give voice commands to your GTR 2 and they will be executed by it! Really cool feature! Demo of how it works you can see in the following video.

As you will notice, Zepp app looks completely different form what we know. You can surf easily around the menu and use all features. There and only there for now, you can find many watchfaces to use. If you remember, GTR 1 could save two preinstalled watchfaces and one custom. Now GTR 2 customs with 7 preinstalled watchfaces and you can save at least three custom. At least I liked the one found in the Zepp store,

Time now to watch and the video review. First is from when I bought it, before three weeks and the second is from yesterday, after 3 weeks of use. If you like the video, don’t forget to press Like and Share and to Subscribe to the Youtube Channel,

Overall I have to say that is a good watch. Yes, saturation and GPS need work, but at least saturation with further calibration can be fixed, for GPS I don’t know. If you want to buy it, you can use one of the following links. You can also find straps, film protection and screen protection for it to add.

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