Amazfit GTR 47mm Version Review: A New Smartwatch Promising 74-Day Battery Life


The Asian company Xiaomi is one of the best known in the wearables market. Not surprisingly, their Mi Band activity wristbands are every year among the most sold in the market. Many of you will know since Xiaomi also produces watches belonging to the Amazfit range, which in recent times are giving a lot to talk about.

In our Activity Bracelet, we have talked about the different models you have taken out. Today we will do a complete review of Huami Amazfit GTR 47mm stainless steel version that clearly bets on autonomy. Fortunately, Gearbest is offering Huami Amazfit GTR 47mm with a $10 discount, so the final price is only $139.99. This is a limited time offer that will end on August 10.

Amazfit GTR has two different models: a 47mm watch and a slightly smaller 42mm watch. The option for one or the other clock is not trivial since there are differences. The screen of Xiaomi Amazfit GTR is 1.39 inches in the 47 mm version and 1.2 in the 42 mm version. It has AMOLED panels and the protection of the well-known Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

On the Amazfit GTR of Huami, we saw the rare luxury style of Huami, but the price is still restrained – Huami Amazfit GTR 47mm stainless steel, aluminum alloy version priced at 999 yuan ($145)  and the titanium model with a fluoro rubber strap and Iron Man special edition are priced at 1399 yuan ($203.50).


As we said in the preface, only the Huami Amazfit GTR (47mm models) is available in three materials, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and titanium. The review model we have is stainless steel, which is the material used in many traditional business-type mechanical watches that we are familiar with.

After taking out the lid, you can see its body that is half exposed, more typical, traditional dual crown and round dial design.

Take a look at its overall outline, polished stainless steel body with a leather strap, this is the most business-oriented watch of Huami to date, achieving the temperament conversion from the youthful, sporty wind to the mature taste.

As the overall temperament matures, the Huami Amazfit GTR still retains enough details of the previous Huami’s products, although the case is made of high-grade stainless steel, especially the curved edge treatment, the body is carried out. Visual segmentation and weakening in thickness.

Lights up the screen, which uses an AMOLED screen, which is a pure circular-cut without any chamfers. The overall 1.39 inches, 454 * 454 resolution, ppi reached 326, with the same ultra-clear immersive theme UI.

There is a layer of microcrystalline zirconium ceramic bezel between the glass of dial and the middle frame, which can cover the screen frame and maintain the visual integrity. It can also protect the screen glass from scratches.

Its brown-toned strap is positioned in the business style, it is better to compare the silicone straps used in sports watches and the leather strap is not easily deformed by sweat and rain.

Unlike Huami smartwatch 2 single-button design, this time the Amazfit GTR features two-button, the upper button is based on the power supply/home and the lower button is open to the user to customize, the user can pass customize to set common functions. Its screen itself can interact with each other via swipe/click.

This is the back of Amazfit GTR. Unlike the front stainless steel, the bottom case is made of plastic, but it still has a design and a body texture. In addition, based on the cost factor, it does not support wireless charging, and the magnetic contact charging scheme can be seen from the base.


As we said earlier, the two different sizes of the Amazfit GTR are equipped with an AMOLED full-circle high-definition colorful screen with a pixel density of 326ppi. The 47mm version that we are reviewing has a resolution of 454×454 based on the 1.39-inch display area and the screen effect is exquisite in terms of hardware.

However, it is impossible to stand out from the hardware alone. Here, the Amazing GTR also has a unique adaptation to the software content, especially the dial UI, which is very suitable for the dial hardware, bringing a clear and vivid visual sensory experience.

The Huami Amazfit GTR dial store will gradually provide hundreds of different styles of dials. After waiting for the hundreds of dials to be in place, even if you change one in three or four days, you can at least one night, but the current initial stage. Below, I have selected a few of my favorite dials to show you.

As you can see above, each dial represents a different style. You can make it retro and old like a traditional mechanical watch, such as the classic round rhyme and the default dial. You can also pursue a small and fresh style replacement. Sports enthusiasts and geeks are more suitable for Vermillion, and those who are humorous.

Most of the watch themes can display various information such as time and date, heart rate steps, and remaining power on the same screen. In addition to the significance of viewing the meaning of practical use.

Like the Huami SmartWatch 2, the Amazfit GTR has its own exclusive stand-alone app, which can be downloaded and installed in the major mobile app stores by searching for “AMAZFIT Watch”.

Although it has the appearance of a traditional watch, in terms of functionality, it still returns to the essence of smartwatches. This is a smartwatch with both value and sport. We can see that the Amazing GTR has added common motion detection functions such as indoor and outdoor running, as well as sports modes such as elliptical, swimming and even skiting.

In our experience, the flexibility of wearing on the wrist is not affected. Of course, I hope that the company can release a rubber strap in the future.

Huami Amazfit GTR has built-in independent GPS module which is a 28nm low-power GPS chip of Sony, GPS+GLONASS dual positioning, although it is not positioned for outdoor sports, this is still quite professional and supports 50-meter water resistance.

The Amazfit GTR is powered by Huami’s self-developed BioTrackerTM PPG sensor and algorithm. It currently monitors 24-hour uninterrupted heart rate and can open heart rate and heart rate vibration alarms during exercise. By the way, we will tell you that the Amazfit GTR 47mm will also support the automatic identification of arrhythmia (including atrial fibrillation), but it is expected to be available in October this year.

Daily Function Experience

Amazfit GTR supports sleep monitoring, I have been wearing it to sleep, the whole wearing experience was comfortable. More than 95% of users sleep well” sleep monitoring results can be a glimpse. It is only because of the early work to work overtime and it is accurately recorded.

Even if space is limited, the Huami Amazfit GTR still has not cut off the NFC chip, and it can now simulate the bus card to open and close the door lock. After the opening of the bus card function, the Amazfit GTR can completely replace the physical bus card and now supports 253 cities.

It is worth mentioning that the Amazfit GTR will support the NFC bus shifting function. The old users of the Huami bracelet and watch can be renewed with confidence, without having to worry about the unfinished balance of the old devices. The opened traffic card was transplanted to the Amazfit GTR.

We have mentioned in the review of Huami watches and bracelets that Huami had already cooperated with Alipay long ago. The Amazfit GTR here naturally also supports Alipay offline payment. If you have forgotten to bring your phone, you only need to gently lift your wrist to complete the scan payment.

Battery Life Test

The endurance has always been the focus of Huami, this time in the Huami Amazfit GTR to achieve the most extreme breakthrough, bringing a stunning endurance performance.

Due to the limited testing time, we tested the endurance performance of wearing it for more than 24 hours. The whole process is mildly used, the heart rate and sleep monitoring are turned on all the way, and only 1% of the power is consumed, which is minimal. This excellent endurance performance is mainly attributed to the low-power chips used.

In addition, Huami Technology has optimized the system-level power management for standby, bright screen, and motion modes for Amazfit GTR. According to Huami official, in the standby state, it focused on optimizing 15 sensors and peripherals, and the power consumption is greatly reduced compared to the same type of equipment.

According to official data of Huami, in the daily use mode with high frequency and full function, such as heart rate, sleep monitoring, 15 minutes of GPS on a daily basis, 150 message pushes, 30 wrists for brightening, 4 times for NFC per day, 5 minutes for other operations. The Amazfit GTR can be used for up to 24 days.

In the basic watch mode, such as turning off Bluetooth, heart rate and other functions, the hand lifts the screen 100 times a day, and the Amazfit GTR 47mm can last for 74 days. Even when the sport mode such as the marathon keeps the GPS working, the Amazfit GTR can provide users with 40 hours of battery life.

This endurance performance allows the user to achieve the goal of not having to pick up the charge in the short term once it is worn. Throughout the smart wearable device industry, it can be said that this is an unprecedented rare life transition.


For a long time before, Huami focused on products that were youthful and sporty, and also recognized by the consumer market. And this time, the Amazfit GTR tells us that Huami is also completely accessible to the other high-end roads – taking off the sportswear, wearing a suit and temperament.

Starting with the Amazfit GTR 47mm version in our hands, the polished stainless steel body and leather strap made us unbelievable at first. This is a work for only 999 yuan. In terms of the most central display effect of the watch, the pure round AMOLED screen ppi reaches 326, far exceeding the retina screen standard that was previously regarded as a benchmark.

Looking at the whole, regardless of the vertical and horizontal comparison, Amazfit GTR is the best smartwatch designed and worked by the Huami brand so far. In particular, the quality of the stainless steel body has subverted the previous design of the industrial based on the meter.

In addition, the plastic case on the back of the watch is not exposed to the outside, and the touch is similar to other parts of the watch body, so this cannot be a point of blame.

Functionality is still an important aspect of the Huami Amazfit GTR. It is a very typical smartwatch with the same value and functionality. It supports indoor/outdoor running, elliptical machine, swimming, and skiing. Sport mode, GPS+GLONASS dual positioning, and 50m waterproof performance broaden its outdoor use scenarios.

Based on power consumption and cost considerations, Amazfit GTR does not support eSIM function. For those who have strong needs, we even recommend the selection of Huami smartwatch 2. Amazfit GTR has been reserved for most of the functions required by the crowd, such as NFC’s analog access control card, bus card support, and convenient features such as Alipay offline payment.

In our mild use, the use of ultra-24 hours only drops 1% of battery and according to official data, Amazfit GTR (47mm version) heart rate is normally open, sleep monitoring is turned on, 15 minutes GPS is turned on every day, 150 Under the daily use intensity of message push, lift wrist screen 30 times, NFC swipe 4 times and other operations for 5 minutes, it can achieve 24 day-long battery life, subverting our existing understanding of the life of smartwatches.

Huami Amazfit GTR 47mm stainless steel, aluminum alloy version priced at 999 yuan ($145)  and the titanium model with a fluoro rubber strap and Iron Man special edition are priced at 1399 yuan ($203.50). If you’re enticed to own the Amazfit GTR 47mm, it is available on Gearbest at a 17% off along with $10 promotional discount. This drops the price down to just $139.99. This is a limited time offer that will end on August 10.

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