Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smartwatch Now at Just $74.49 [Summer Sale]


Amazfit has been very active recently. it is introducing more wearables to the market than many manufacturers of its smartphones. Today, the brand’s offer has been enriched by the new Amazfit GTS 2 Mini smartwatch, which attracts attention primarily due to the AMOLED screen.

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The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini has a borderless design that you will not see around the edges of the screen, thanks to the 2.5D glass cover and the four corners. Overall, despite the watch’s light weight of 19.5 grams, 8.95 mm thick and silicone straps, you can enjoy the watch on your wrist for a long time without feeling tired. To the right of the watch body is a physical button or digital crown, which is used to access menus and select various menu options.


You already know that this is an AMOLED matrix. In addition, Amazfit GTS 2 Mini also has a diagonal of 1.55 inches, so it is quite large, because standard smartwatches have slightly smaller screens (usually ~ 1.3 or 1.4 inches). In addition, it has a resolution of 354 × 306 pixels, which translates into 301 ppi. The icing on the cake is the Always On Display function.


The predecessor boasted very good battery life. But instead of over 20 days of active use, with their new watch, we can manage clearly fewer days between charges. Huami states seven days, but after three days of use we have lost half the charge.


From the monitoring functions, the measurement of heart rate, blood oxygen, stress level or own PAI index is available, which monitors data from sensors and rewards you with appropriate points according to activities, thus motivating you to achieve better results. There are a total of about 70 activities available , including such sports as archery, and for swimmers there is both a swimming pool and open water with water resistance of up to 5 atmospheres . To answer one user’s question from a previous video, chess isn’t here . Of course, you can also monitor other common activities or rather inactivity. The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini can warn you when you have been sitting for too long and therefore when it is time to stretch a little or watch your sleep, including when you just get twenty during the day. And our dear halves, on the other hand, will appreciate watching their period, including their individual cycles.


Of course, you can quickly view individual activities from the watch environment, but you can’t do without the Zepp application for the overall settings of all functions and the initial start-up of the watch . It replaces the original Amazfit application and I must say that I have already seen better functional applications . Unlike the one from Xiaomi, however, she cannot be denied one fundamental thing. You are not trapped in the Xiaomi ecosystem and fortunately you can share data with Google Fit or Diet here, so for that one big thumbs up. New is also that GTS 2 has got a built-in speaker and microphone. It actually sounds surprisingly good, but the main purpose is to be able to use it for phone calls and for voice control. You can also get the watch to do certain things via voice commands, but it only works in English.


In short, this Amazfit GTS 2 Mini offers such an insight into the world of activity monitoring and, within the smart functions, rather offers an extended hand of the phone in the form of notifications and maximum remote control of the music on the phone.

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